Postmasters League No Longer Support USPS Voice Of Employee Survey

Last week the National League of Postmasters President Charley Mapa sent the following letter to its members:

Dear Leaguers,

Recently your National Board met and decided that the League would no longer support the VOE survey. While the intent behind the survey may be good, the fact of the matter is that the work situation for Postmasters continues to deteriorate.

In so many districts dignity and respect for PMs have ceased to exist. The Postal Service deliberately does not staff in order to pile workhours on to Postmasters. Reports and logs continue to proliferate, thereby stretching a long day into a longer day. Discipline for trivial reasons continues and  micromanagement reduces Postmasters to mindless robots.

You may not be suffering personally from any of these situations, but thousands of Postmasters nationwide are. I urge you, in support of Postmasters everywhere, to simply not fill out the survey. This is one report that you are not required to complete.

Please spread the word; the more of us who refuse to participate, the louder our voice of the employee will be.


Charley Mapa
National League of Postmasters
5904 Richmond Hwy Ste 500
Alexandria VA 22303

18 thoughts on “Postmasters League No Longer Support USPS Voice Of Employee Survey

  1. If mgt. would let the Postmastes and Supervisors do their job, we would fire a large amount of craft and the ones that do work would be happy because they wouldn’t be carring the jfa, wyatt earp, good news and mail man. These are the ones woh are not man/women enough to give out their real names.

    Harold Echofarter

  2. Why doesn’t someone in craft make a serious of questions and send them to craft employees in an area and see what you come up with for results! I bet the results will be alot different than what they say they should be!

  3. Question : How can it be the voice of the EMPLOYEE whe a private contractor runs it and management asks the questions ?

    Why don’t the unions do their own voice of the employee survey and send it to management as a reality check ?

  4. respect for has ceased to excist???what about respect for the carriers, mail handlers clerks,and so on down to the janitors you get respect when you deserve respect ?treated us like two year olds when we are the reason for your bonus at the end of the year is why you have no respect from us ,or hey maybe just come to work for an entire week from say 8 to 5 instead of when ever you feel like showing up ,spend a day on the work room floor not running off to some meeting or class???you get my respect when you work as hard as i do every day and not before

  5. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What goes around, comes around you PM chumps ! You started EVERY single item you’re complaining about, and continue to do so, to craft employees.

    Not so fun when you’re the one on the receiving end for a change, eh ?


  6. Freakin unbelievable…..
    This is EXACTLY what they have been doing to letter carriers and clerks for the past few (many) years! Wow… they actually have the audacity to complain when it happens to them! Wow!

  7. Burger King are hiring ,since all of you barely graduate from high school,the friyin pan is a real option , go for it.

  8. Does anyone really believe that the results from the VOE’s really mattered. Let’s face facts, craft used the VOE as a bashing tool against local management anyway. So the fact our association wants us to boycott filling them out now, is something we should have been doing all along. Get rid of them alltogether, at least we won’t have to endure our employees whining and crying about filling them out.

  9. now i would like to see a postmaster out at daylight savings time with a flashlight to help deliver mail, helping out a carrier he dumped two routes on and told the person to get back on time. then i would know that they have earned that pay instead of trying to get the craft to idolize them remember these people probably got a ged or barely graduated high school and then they are put in charge of people as then act as if they are Harvard grads. management is a gift given to good friends not the truly qualified.

  10. finally, management admitts that they can’t manage anymore- fire them all- start with plant mgr ryan

  11. boo,hoo,hoo. poor postmasters actually not being able to sit on their ass all day. i do more work in 2 hrs than postmaster does all day.

  12. now ….now….isn’t this interesting??
    what they have forced on crafts now comes back to haunt them..whats the matter Pm’s….no clout in hqs???
    what comes around, goes around…KARMA…

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