USPS Sacramento District To Excess 107 Letter Carriers

USPS has notifed NALC of its intent to involuntarily reassign up to 107 Letter Carriers in the Sacramento Performance Clsuter

According to the letter:

This is to advise you of the intent of the Sacramento Perfonnance Cluster to utilize the provisions of Article 12.5.C.5 to involuntarily reassign up to 107 full-time carriers from the craft and/or installation at the selected post offices listed below:

The impacted employees will be notified by separate letter of their involuntary reassignments. The final reassignment date would normally be no earlier than February 15, 2009 [editor’s note 2010]: . However, given the continuing loss of workload and the current financial condition of the Postal Service, it may be necessary to reassign some or all of the impacted carriers in advance of that date.

Additionally, it may be necessary to detail some or all of the impacted carrier$ during the 60 day notice period in order to provide a work opportunity. If this becomes necessary, we will advise you.

By copy of this notice, the Pacific Area will withheld up to 107 full-time residual vacancies in the clerk, carrier, mail handler and custodial craft in offices and plants within a 500 mile radius of the impacted sites. Copies of the automated impact statements and the MIARAP impact calculation worksheet completed by operations. Seniority lists identifying the impacted carriers in each office are also attached.
OFFICE FT Impact Number
Yuba City . 1
Willows 2
Turlock 1
Tracy 7
Sonora 1
Shasta Lake 1
Selma 1
Riverbank 1
Placerville 1
Patterson 1
Oakdale 2
North highlands 1
Marysville 4
Jackson 1
Gustine 1
Grass Valley 1
Galt 1
Folsom 1
Dunsmuir 1
Dixon 1
Davis I 3
Comino 1
Citrus Heiahts 2
Chico 2
Ceres 2
West Sacramento 1
Fresno 33
Sacramento 18
Stockton 2
Modesto 12

6 thoughts on “USPS Sacramento District To Excess 107 Letter Carriers

  1. Bobcat,
    Yes it happened up here in Cheyenne. They escorted 7 on the injured list out last week saying they have no work for them although they all were working on the floor everyday.

  2. I thought the reason they could not offer early out incentive to the carriers was because Potter said they were not the affected craft.

    On NRP, that is the new game plan. The APWU has a packet on how to file grievances and what action the employee should take when this happens. Completing a CA-7 each day is part of what needs to be done.

  3. Has anyone heard of a new NRP tactic. Here in Co/WYO
    specifically colorado springs the NRP team is having limited duty employees clock off and escorted out the building. Telling the ” you are 30 day admin. leave”.
    They can not get representation or make a phone call. They were told the “postal police will remove you if you refuse to leave”. This was verified by the NALC union rep.This is parapharased. I have 2 sources to verify this.

  4. How about getting rid of 107 management positions? Would save more money. And they don’t do any work. Someone else needs to be running the USPS.

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