More Information On Nationwide Closure of Postal Stations and Branches

From Mike Gallagher, Eastern Region Coordinator, American Postal Workers Union

June 2, 2009

I have scaled the national list of Station and Branch closures back to be just those offices in the Eastern Region, which is still just as alarming.  Also attached is the language of the Postal Operations Manual outlining the USPS responsibilities and procedures in regard to Discontinuance of Post Offices (POM 123.6), and Reporting Requirements for Station, Branch, and Contract Postal Unit Discontinuance (POM 213.9) and USC Title 39, Section 404 (b).  

This is alarming, the USPS is considering shutting down all the Stations and Branches on the attached incredibly long list.  It is imperative that you contact your congressional and community representatives as well as motivate the constituency in your area that use these Stations and Branches in order to oppose and stop this wholesale closure of our members places of employment.  
Stations_&_Branches_Eastern_Region.pdf | (see previously posted link to Western Region Facilities)