Postal Service Studies Retail Network, Office Consolidations

The Postal Service currently is examining the possible consolidation of delivery and retail functions among some of its larger (EAS-24 and above) stations and branches. This follows aggressive cost-control measures already taken, such as adjusting carrier routes, consolidating various mail-processing and tour operations, and restructuring administrative functions.

According to DPMG and COO Pat Donahoe, the survey will identify opportunities to consolidate primarily those stations and branches that are located near each other and that — due to changing operational processes — have excess floor space.

Within the past decade, the options provided for customers to conduct their postal business have increased exponentially — with many choices not involving a visit to the Post Office.

In fact, says Donahoe in his latest Field Updates video, nearly 30 percent of all USPS revenue comes from alternative access points such as contract postal units, Stamps by Mail, Automated Postal Centers, ATMs, and stamps by consignment and approved shipper programs.

“The bottom line is that we will not take away retail access from customers,” said Donahoe. The consolidation studies will be conducted by local management and will take into account factors such as service standards, cost savings, customer access, real estate values, the impact on employees, and the long-term needs of the Postal Service.

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source: USPS News Link