APWU Protests Unilateral Elimination of Postal Districts

In a letter to John Dockins, USPS Manager, Contract Administration, APWU wrote:
Dear Mr. Dockins:

By letter dated May 21,2009, I informed that the APWU interprets the 2006 national agreement and the application of previous midterm USPS administrative changes to
contractual agreements as prohibiting the change of Postal Districts as informed by your letter of May 12,2009. The contractual provisions that will be affected by this
unilateral change are listed but not limited to the following:
Articles: 7.1.B.S. 14.8. A. 14.8. C.
            25.2, Step 3. (c).
           15.2. Step 3. (F) 15.3. F.
           15.5. A.2.
           15.5. A.4. 15.5. A,7. 15.5. A.8. 15.5. B.
           15.5. B.6. 15.5. B.7. 15.5. C.

Memorandums: District Level Arbitration – Expedited
                      Supplemental Work Force; Conversion of Clerk Craft PTF’s
                      Leave Sharing
                      PTF Reassignment Opportunities
                      Grievance/Arbitration Appeals
                      Training Committee

lf the Postal Service proceeds with this change despite the union’s objections we ask that the union and/or employees be made whole for any adverse impact of such change.
William Burrus