National Listing And Costs Of Leased Postal Facilities

Some of your readers would be interested in this information.  When does the lease on their station/branch/post office expire?  How much rent does it cost USPS annually?  Click on the xls file for their state.  For example, Station A in Walnut Creek CA is fairly high at $57.35 per sq ft per year or $85,000.  The lease expires 8-31-2011.  The USPS is reviewing all leases looking for savings.
Don Cheney

USPS Leased Facilities Report

The information contained in the report is provided by the United States Postal Service under the Freedom of information Act and should not be redistributed or resold.  
The Postal Service maintains more than 25,300 leased spaces in its facilities inventory nation wide. Below is the current national listing of leased postal facilities which includes all fifty States and U.S. Territories. 

 Individual postal facilities can be accessed by clicking on the .xls or .csv file for a state or territory. The leased information is subject to change and will be updated periodically. 

Code translations for leased report (txt) | (doc)

State/Territory Reports  

 Alabama (xls) | (csv)
 Alaska (xls) | (csv)
 American Samoa (xls) | (csv)
 Arizona (xls) | (csv)
 Arkansas (xls) | (csv)
 California (xls) | (csv)
 Colorado (xls) | (csv)
 Connecticut (xls) | (csv)
 Delaware (xls) | (csv)
 District of Columbia (xls) | (csv)
 Florida (xls) | (csv)
 Georgia (xls) | (csv)
 Guam (xls) | (csv)
 Hawaii (xls) | (csv)
 Idaho (xls) | (csv)
 Illinois (xls) | (csv)
 Indiana (xls) | (csv)
 Iowa (xls) | (csv)
 Kansas (xls) | (csv)
 Kentucky (xls) | (csv)
 Louisiana (xls) | (csv)
 Maine (xls) | (csv)
 Maryland (xls) | (csv)
 Massachusetts (xls) | (csv)
 Michigan (xls) | (csv)
 Minnesota (xls) | (csv)
 Mississippi (xls) | (csv)
 Missouri (xls) | (csv)

 Montana (xls) | (csv)
 Nebraska (xls) | (csv)
 Nevada (xls) | (csv)
 New Hampshire (xls) | (csv)
 New Jersey (xls) | (csv)
 New Mexico (xls) | (csv)
 New York (xls) | (csv)
 North Carolina (xls) | (csv)
 North Dakota (xls) | (csv)
 Northern Mariana Islands (xls) | (csv)
 Ohio (xls) | (csv)
 Oklahoma (xls) | (csv)
 Oregon (xls) | (csv)
 Pennsylvania (xls) | (csv)
 Puerto Rico (xls) | (csv)
 Rhode Island (xls) | (csv)
 South Carolina (xls) | (csv)
 South Dakota (xls) | (csv)
 Tennessee (xls) | (csv)
 Texas (xls) | (csv)
 Utah (xls) | (csv)
 Vermont (xls) | (csv)
 Virgin Islands (xls) | (csv)
 Virginia (xls) | (csv)
 Washington (xls) | (csv)
 West Virginia (xls) | (csv)
 Wisconsin (xls) | (csv)
 Wyoming (xls) | (csv)

5 thoughts on “National Listing And Costs Of Leased Postal Facilities

  1. You can download a free Excel viewer at the Microsoft website. That’s what I use & had no problem accessing the files.

    If the Nashua L&DC is postal-owned (which I would guess is the case), then it won’t be on the list of leased facilities. Because it is not leased.

  2. The Nashua L&DC in NH is notably missing from this list. oops, wonder what they have to hide ?????

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