Federal Disability Retirement Benefits for the Postal Worker: The Decision is Always a Personal One to Make

The following is an editorial written for PostalReporter.com by Federal Disability Attorney Robert R. McGill The distinction between a principle and a personal choice is tantamount to a starving man eyeing a delicious red apple; the apple itself may represent the perfection of all apples, and the very beauty of the fruit may be one […]

Editorial: 10 Tips to Remember When Filing for Postal Disability Retirement Benefits

Article written exclusively for PostalReporter.com by Robert R. McGill,Esq. Whether you call it “Postal Disability Retirement”, “Federal Disability Retirement”, or “OPM Disability Retirement”, the available options under the National Reassessment Program all lead to the same road:  the injured Postal Worker is being squeezed out of the workplace, and it is time to secure one’s […]

Federal Disability Retirement and the U.S. Postal Service: Lack of Loyalty & Full of Shortsightedness

The following is an article from Attorney Robert R. McGill written exclusively for PostalReporter: There was a time when the U.S. Postal Service worked in conjunction with the Department of Labor (under FECA/OWCP) to keep hard-working Postal employees who were injured on the job, with offers of modified duties to retain a productive workforce. It […]

Federal Disability Retirement under FERS or CSRS: Understanding the Different Perspectives and Differing Interests

by Attorney Robert R. McGill As with most things in life, attempting to secure a Federal Disability Retirement annuity under FERS or CSRS requires an extraordinary amount of time, effort, planning, and the collection, formulation and coordination of a compendium of information. Multiple questions arise at the early stages of planning: Can I live on […]