PRC Denies APWU Request for Emergency Relief on USPS Consolidation Plans

Washington, DC – The Postal Regulatory Commission (Commission) today denied a Motion from the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) requesting an Emergency Order preventing the Postal Service from implementing changes in service standards until after the Commission has issued a final ruling on an APWU Complaint filed on June 12, 2012.

The underlying APWU Complaint is still before the Commission, and the Postal Service response to the Complaint is due by July 2, 2012.

In its Motion, APWU asked that the Commission issue its ruling on or before June 30, 2012. The Commission weighed the merits of APWU’s arguments and is issuing its decision on the Motion promptly, before that date.

The Commission Order states that “APWU has failed to demonstrate that it has a substantial likelihood of prevailing on the merits, that it will suffer irreparable harm, or that the balance of the equities in this matter weighs in its favor.” The Commission Order concludes that “the potential harm to the Postal Service from a preliminary injunction outweighs the potential harm to mailers from not issuing a preliminary injunction.”

PRC Denies APWU Motion

12 thoughts on “PRC Denies APWU Request for Emergency Relief on USPS Consolidation Plans

  1. The PRC is a joke! The PMG goes ahead and does what he wants BEFORE an opinion is rendered……which opinion, by the way, he is NOT obligated to abide by anyway! Talk about tits on a boar hog.

  2. Bob your statement per republicans is 100% accurate. Their goal is to create additional wealth for the super rich who control big corporations to crate earnings to benefit CEO, and other officers as well as stockholders. This group controls wall street and set the course for the US economy as demostrated by Former Pres. BUSH. The wall street bluebloods when in power control Federal Reserve to promote their as former chaiman Allen Greenspan reduced interest rates to benefit the housing boom which was the primary reason Pres. Obama inherited the near FINANCIAL DEPRESSION created by the rich Republicans to further their accumulation of massive wealth. Pres. Obama has to rebuild the economy destroyed by the super rich., Children in expensive private schools preparing for 1 of the 13 Ivy League colleges preparing for exectuive position in large corporation controlled by Republicans. The only thing that matters to Republican is corporate bottome would work at minimumn wage if possible. Unions came to be to stand against sweat shop labor. Large corporations outsource product production to third world countries for cheap labor and import to US to accumulate massive profits and increas stock share price. Check out Ralph Lauren clothing made in China; shirts sell for $79.00 up. STOCK has moved from $89. to $140. +. Cheap labor increases earning; share price increases benefiting the rich and famous not clock punching middle class workers.

  3. With Hussein in charge, taxes will never go up. Of course, we’ll have penalties and punishments…but, never increase in taxes. Maybe Hussein should look at APWU’s system of assessments as another way of penalizing/punishing (but not taxing) us! Hooray for all the lemmings out there! If it weren’t for you, Goofy would not be able to dip into that APWU Officer only Retirement Plan!

  4. enufisenuf,tell that to the house republicans who will not bring up bipartsian bill(s1789).Shame on republicans who hold on to the shirt tails of two over zealous congressmen who will try to force bill (hr2309) on them.Does it take a sumpreme court justice to show you how to do the right thing and consider the will of the american people?It is time for them to step up and show that they can vote independently for the good of our country.All eyes are on them.They will be remembered in november.We will not forget!

  5. Republican philosophy;give tax breaks and incentives to big business so they can create millions of low paying jobs so you can`t afford higher education to better yourself or children and destroy the middle class.The democrat philosophy is to tax the wealthy and big business but give them incentives to create higher paying jobs so you can afford higher education and build a strong middle class.This is the difference.Why would you wan`t to vote for any republican with these ideals?Put this great country back on track.Vote democrate this november and continue the momentum.

  6. Republican tactic to delay postal reform until after the november elections is set to back fire.With the obama campaign gaining momentum on obama care and falling gas prices,and the willingness of the democrats to pass postal reform now to save delivery standards and thousands of jobs, the republicans in the house are in jeopardy of losing thier majority if not all seats.Thank you republicans,you are not opaque.The citizens of this great country will remember you in november

  7. With obama care upheld and gas prices falling ,President obama seems to have the edge in this comming presidential election.But i believe the winner of this election will be the person who steps up to preserve postal delivery standards and the hundreds of thousands of jobs that go with it.This could be a banner year at the polls for what ever party who act on this.

  8. Slap in the face? Nah…it’s just APWU doing what they do best…throw up anything on the wall and see if something sticks. Show the masses that their dues money are being well spent. They knew nothing would come of this. When are you idiots gonna realize Goofey says NO VERA!

  9. This is another slap in the face, not only to Postal workers, but to the americam public as well. This shows that the PRC Board do not care anything about the detriment, closing thousands of post offfices and facilities this will do the universal mail service if the Postal Service is allowed to carry out their plans!! The american people need to get involved, because we all see Congress cannot make a decent decision on any important matter in a timely manner!

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