USPS Issues Decision On Pay and Benefits for supervisory and managerial employees

USPS has made its final decision concerning changes to pay and benefits for supervisory and managerial employees. The changes cover the period 2011–2015.

The decision follows completion of the pay consultation process with the National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS). It includes the June 14, 2012 recommendations from a neutral fact-finding panel and complies with the Postal Service’s statutory obligations regarding the formulation and implementation of pay policies.

Employees represented by NAPS will not receive salary increases for fiscal year 2011 or 2012. The Postal Service will evaluate economic conditions in determining whether to increase pay in FY 2013.

Over the term of the pay package, employees represented by NAPS will pay a greater share toward their health insurance premiums. The Postal Service also reduced the amount of annual and sick leave employees represented by NAPS who are hired from outside the Postal Service can earn.

NAPS represents approximately 30,000 field Executive Administrative Schedule (EAS) supervisory and managerial employees who work in mail processing, retail and delivery operations and in some administrative positions. NAPS does not represent EAS employees who work at or report to headquarters or area offices.

The consultation process is not collective bargaining. However, the pay consultation process outlined in federal law provides NAPS with a voice in programs that relate to field supervisory and managerial employees.

The consultation process requires the Postal Service to work with the management associations to resolve any differences concerning changes in pay policies and schedules as well as fringe benefits programs proposed by the Postal Service. However, USPS makes the final decision.

11 thoughts on “USPS Issues Decision On Pay and Benefits for supervisory and managerial employees

  1. Before you start passing your (alms/charity) Cup around for your Supervisors and Managers, remember that the miniscule 1% +- you will receive plus COLA is a hell of a lot less then what they will receive each and every December when the USPS hands out their annual “Pay for Performance” Bonus Award Checks despite the fact the these same imbeciles have brought the Postal Service to the edge of Bankruptcy. Lets all run out an purchase a large box of Kleenex to catch all their Alligators tears!

  2. Thousands of POSTMASTERS fleeing the USPS. Many will be replaced via upward mobility that operate on the bully dictorial style. This group lacks morals and workplace ethics and attained their positions on these principals. Low life human beings as their records speak for themselves.

  3. Looks like anyone involved in the consolidation effortts did get a pay increase.. James Dummer got a pay increase for 105,000 to 116,000. I have proof on paper

  4. Most of the comments that I’ve read are irrational. I’m an EAS employee wants the craft to make more money. If the NALC or APWU got a contract that included no pay raises, no COLAS, no Overtime pay, an increase in health insurance contribution I would be the first to say that was unfair.
    Martin Niemoller said:
    First they came for the communists
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist
    Then they came for the Jews
    and I didn’t spek out because I wasn’t a Jew
    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Just chnage the words communists for NALC, trade unionists for APWU and Jew for Mailhandlers.

    If craft members don’t speak up against the unfairness of the EAS package wait until the POstal Service tries to ram them with the same thing.

  5. This is for Joe Mama. You need to get a grip. No increases mean no increases d-a. Pay for Performance is not being given out either. People like you need to get a clue as to what is really going on. You are fooling yourself if you think your Union is going to be a force to reckon with. If there is a Postal Service, it will not be like it used to be.

  6. Its time for change, and it should begin at the top. How do you justify no pay increase ? EAS employees do not get paid overtime rates, cost of living, and most of them work more than 8 hours a day without even getting paid extra straight time just to get the job done on a day to day basis. With every item from gas , property taxes , milk, insurance, etc how do you expect us to survive. Talk about the voice of the employee, you have just choked it out of us. We are owed billions in retirement overpayments, forget Veras put it toward paying 100 % of our health benifits and then add to the salaries of the workers NALC< APWU < EAS . We are the backbone of this Company not the suits in Washington that have just proved by This specific issue that they are out of touch.. Stop The MADNESS !@!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Management , postmaster in small suburban area are paid more to box mail and sell stamp than customer service supervsors managing 30 route. A real issue that needs to be dwelt with and not supervisors who manage employee and operate in time frames to meet goals.

  8. Everyone forgets about pay for performance . Just like they want . 3 billion $ a year in bonuses . And it shows as no raise . WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. talk about sticking a rocket up their ass! Wow, 30,000 EAS supervisors getting bonked at the same time! Wow! No raises I bet this makes them work harder for upper management. Boy what a bunch of suckers. They treat their employee’s like scum and upper management treats them like worse scum. Pay more for their health care too! Wow! LOL youEAS turds!

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