PMG announces three acting positions

PMG Pat Donahoe has announced that a serious health condition has forced Chief Information Officer (CIO) Ellis Burgoyne to take a leave of absence.

While Burgoyne recovers, Donahoe has appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Joe Corbett to temporarily fill the CIO position.

Donahoe said Corbett’s executive skills make him a good choice to temporarily assume Burgoyne’s responsibilities. “I have great faith in Joe’s executive ability,” he said. “I believe he will be able to maintain the excellent momentum Ellis has built within his group as CIO.”

Finance and Planning VP Steve Masse will become the CFO during this period. Masse, with 25 years of experience in providing financial management and leadership services to successful business operations, joined the Postal Service in 2009. “Steve has been involved in every major planning effort and business decision over the past three years,” said Donahoe. “He is a valued advisor and contributor.”

Donahoe noted the two officers are well qualified to meet the requirements of their temporary positions. “Given the financial challenges we face, it’s a testament to both Joe and Steve that we can make this transition at this time and with such great confidence, said the PMG.

Finally, Cynthia Sanchez-Hernandez, currently manager, Finance and Planning, will take over as Acting Finance and Planning VP. “Cynthia has done a remarkable job,” Donahoe said. “She was integrally involved in the development of the Five-Year Business Plan and is currently working to develop the 2013 Integrated Financial Plan. She is well positioned to assume this new interim role.”

Ellis Burgoyne was named CIO and executive vice president in 2010. The Postal Service’s CIO oversees its data systems and is responsible for the development of new products to meet changing customer needs. “The CIO function is vitally important to the success of our organization,” Donahoe said. “It is integral to everything we do and drives some of our most important initiatives.”

USPS News Link Story – Officer announcement.

15 thoughts on “PMG announces three acting positions

  1. hey.. donahue.. how about announcing the incentives for clerks…..


    Goofy said NO to any early out!

    Newsflash……..APWU will be hung out to dry by it’s lemmings if no early out is approved and if approved, “dont ask for whom the bell tolls…..etc…it tolls for APWU and USPS knows it. Options?

    Merge with NALC the stronger of the unions or decertify and bring in The Teamsters!

  2. In response to Ya mamo……….Structure of the Post Office? What exactly to you know about the structure of the Post Office? Reading YOUR Post I would have to say nothing at all. Take your video games and go to your room and let the grown ups talk here!

  3. Fools?,is that what you think bouttogo? you know something?, from your words you don’t know, the PMG is following the downsizing as per the legislation, more like HR2309, Guffey?, he has an earache, the phone calls and emails , not just members, but officers, union presidents, he has gotten the message, he would be a fool and become the president of the Hemlock society if he dismissed the members wishes, he cannot save the USPS, neither can NALC Rolando nor anyone else, bottom line is that the USPS has to change, it is the way it changes that we debate, and any congressional action pushed by APWU and NALC, will backfire,it could be a VER without incentives, if everyone is wrong about the VER for APWU, wait till Congress really starts on the USPS, you’ll wish there was one and you had taken it, chop, chop, divvy up the pie, silence is golden in this case,it will be one extreme or the other, all we can do is wait from now till the deadline for the Mail Handlers.

  4. Sorry ya mamo, you obviously know nothing about the USPS or how it functions.

    Bet you’re either in postal mismanagement or a wanna 204b.

  5. it is clear from these comments you people are such idiots you do not even undertsand the strcture of the company you work for or who does what.
    The CFO is responsible because the companies sales are down???
    a usps officer is a EAS??
    since when dummies?

    this is what happens to a working welfare entitlment program when tmes get your next life get a skilled job

  6. Always interesting, how it takes months to fill any open craft position, if they’re even filled at all.

    But the second a worthless, overpaid, corrupt EAS position opens up, BOOM, filled in the blink of an eye.

  7. Good luck getting any postal union to listen to the peons that pay their salaries. Seriously, does anybody care about these appointments? Oh yea Cynthia, how’s that finance and planning thing going? Still losing $36 million everyday?

  8. Listen people it’s time us to act now by talking to the media in in every town and start a petition demanding that mr Donahue resigns or the BOG remove lets start now people Let’s get in touch with Our union and tell them that it’s time that they listen to us now

  9. More overpaid blowhards to help the Ho destroy Americas most trusted institution. Don the Ho has got to go.

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