Sen. Carper Launches New Facebook Timeline to Highlight U.S. House’s Failure to Deliver Postal Reform

WASHINGTON – Today, as postal losses surpassed $1 billion since the U.S. Senate passed its bipartisan bill to reform the U.S. Postal Service, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), co-author of the 21st Century Postal Service Act and chairman of the Senate subcommittee that oversees the Postal Service, launched a new Facebook page – “Priority Fail” – to trace the timeline of the House of Representatives’ failure to act on comprehensive postal reform legislation.

“The U.S. Postal Service has now racked up $1 billion in losses in the time that the House has sat on its hands and failed to take up our Senate bill – or its own bill – to reform the Postal Service,” said Sen. Carper. “The longer the House delays action, the more consumers and businesses become uncertain about the future of the Postal Service. To protect a mailing industry that employs over 8 million people and generates almost $1 trillion in economic activity each year, we need Congressional action – and the ball is in the House’s court. My new Facebook page calls attention to my House colleagues’ failure to deliver postal reform thus far and – hopefully – encourages them to act swiftly to debate and pass a bill to preserve this American institution for generations to come.”

Although the Postal Reform Act of 2011 was passed out of the relevant House committee in October 2011, leaders in the House have yet to schedule a vote on the bill. In fact, in a memo to House Republicans on May 25, 2012, Majority Leader Eric Cantor announced that the House may not even begin to debate a postal bill until sometime after Independence Day in July – failing to guarantee that a House vote on postal reform legislation would actually occur.

The Senate, however, has passed the bipartisan 21st Century Postal Service Act, co-authored by Sens. Carper, Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Scott Brown (R-Mass.). This legislation gives the Postal Service the flexibility and resources it needs to right-size, modernize, and remain competitive in the 21st Century.

As the House continues to delay action on postal reform legislation, you can follow the Postal Service’s record losses on Sen. Carper’s website here.

7 thoughts on “Sen. Carper Launches New Facebook Timeline to Highlight U.S. House’s Failure to Deliver Postal Reform


  2. It will be hard to privatize with an unsettled EEO claim with millions of potential claimants that spans over 20yrs of violating the law. Who would want to buy that?

  3. Wingman, your biased views fail to prove anything to me, for I see the people who blindly follow the Democrats in the same light that you seem to see the people who follow the Republicans! Just because your union tells you to vote Democratic, the masses do so! If you ask me, I don’t want either the Democrats OR the Republicans! They are all a bunch of shit and they are all liars and have failed us miserably!!!! You are as bad as those you rebuke, considering the fact that you do not see the truth that is right in front of you. The Democrats are not our great saviors – OR THEY WOULD HAVE ALREADY SAVED US!!!!!

    None of those people in Washington give a shit about us! Nobody! They have all found the golden calf and they are all dancing around it! Pelosi, Boehner, Obama or anybody else. They are all up there raking in the millions while they pretend to “care” somehow. Actions speak louder than words. Pelosi AND Boehner both took advantage of the “insider trading advantage” that they legally could use to make millions while getting information while using their positions. They, of course, were not the only ones to do it and it spanned Republicans and Democrats alike. The are all freaking millionaires up there and they became that way when they were elected into public office! They are all guilty of excess!

    If not, Wingman, then why are they allowed to vote in their own freaking raises? Why are they treated differently than the rest of the Federal workforce and why do they enjoy constant time off, special medical coverage and privileges using our military facilities whether or not they were in the military? Why do they have a different retirement “package” than the rest of us “grunts” in the federal workforce? Because they are the “privileged” and we are nothing, that’s why! And they can attack our benefits and our retirements and our paychecks without even blinking an eye, and certainly while the NEVER consider making concessions from their own freaking paychecks!!!!! And, Wingman, that goes for Democrats AND Republicans, so your rant on how stupid Republican followers are, but I can say the same about the Democrat followers. They have ALL stolen our “golden years” from us. They have ALL done us wrong. Open your freaking eyes!

  4. i urge all citizens to remember the names of house republicans who are delaying to act on postal legislation and not to vote for them this november.

  5. Very true. A mass mailing from the unions to every household in America explaining the real motive behind the Republicans, their blatant hatred of unions, labor in general and the retirement overpayment would possibly get some pressure from sympathetic citizens who don’t want to see the Postal Service fail. It won’t, but there will be a lot of casualties if Donohoe and Darryl Issa have their way. That Donohoe basically agrees with every part of HR 2309, the horrible union busting and retirement killing bill Issa drafted just shows how much he too hates unions and the craft. Donohoe wants a cushy private job that pays much much more, but he fails to understand that should privatization occur, it doesn’t guarantee he’ll get a job. In fact, if I were the company CEO who bought the Service and made it a private company, I’d fire every last person in Washington and every manager at Area levels. Who’d want these incompetent boobs? They’ve already proven they can’t manage, they are liars, and change their story more often than they change their underwear.
    You’d think anybody who has a real desire to vote for the best he or she can do for their careers and family would never even dream of voting GOP but thanks to the brainwashers of the religious right and the shills like Limbaugh and FOX News, they do whatever their darling party tells them to do.
    I’m reading a very disturbing but fascinating book called “Escape From Camp 14”, about a North Korean born into a prison camp who eventually escaped and made it to the U.S. The mind control Kim Jong Il and his son Kim Jong Eun, who is in charge now is shocking in its completeness. North Korean citizens have been successfully removed from global society, know almost nothing of the outside world and view their leader basically as a god. That he could be anything less is unthinkable, and if it were, they’re off to prison camps where certain death either by execution or starvation awaits.
    I see a similar pattern with GOP voters. They seem totally incapable of seeing any wrongdoing in their leadership, question nothing and do as they’re told. It’s very serious when you think roughly half the country is prime for the same kind of mind control. No wonder we can’t educate them or reason with them. Swing voters will have to save the day as usual and understand how a Romney presidency will probably finish off unions for good.

  6. Maybe instead of using Facebook to get out this information, the Postal Service would not be in as bad as shape if we used the good old mail system. Mr Carper

  7. The Republican plan is to wait as long as possible so we get so deep in debt it will be easier to say let’s privatize this thing. That way they can get rid of all of us and the retirement packages and be done with the contract. It is a total conspiracy toward the American public. Just remember to vote out all Republicans in the next elections.

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