USPS Will Keep Rural Post Offices Open

WASHINGTON (AP) — The struggling U.S. Postal Service is trying to tamp down concern over its wide-scale cuts, saying it will seek to keep hundreds of rural post offices open with shorter hours.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe tells a news conference the new plan will save the mail agency half a billion dollars each year while addressing concerns of rural residents most opposed to post office closings.

Previously, up to 3,700 low-revenue post offices were slated for closure or consolidation beginning sometime after May 15, many in rural areas. It was part of a multibillion-dollar postal cost-cutting effort to stave off the agency’s bankruptcy.

The Postal Service now plans to seek regulatory approval for the new plan and get community input, a process that could take several months


One thought on “USPS Will Keep Rural Post Offices Open

  1. did you say “CLOSURE or consolidation”? remember ole’ lying donahoe
    kept a straight face when he claimed that postal management never used the word closure when it talked about post office and plant consolidations. another article pointed out that donahoe was in fact a liar and had repeatedly used the word closure. when you lie as much as donahoe does i guess its hard to
    keep track of all ones lies and these mistakes happen.
    having said that, it is becoming clear to me that donahoe and his lying lapdogs and lemmings at the local levels also spread a huge lie when he insisted several months ago that he was moving aggressively after may 15th and most consolidaions and CLOSURES would be done by fall! remember that? it was all a big lie, for reasons only liar donahoe knows. now, some of you may say, so what, who cares that he lied to get congress to act or whatever the reason was? well, i can tell you from experience that some employees made life changing decisions based on these lies by donahoe that it was full speed ahead with closures and consolidations after may 15th 2012. people retired rather than face excessing. people switched craft to avoid excessing that was to be imminent if one believed liar donahoe and other postal management. in our plant, some senior people voluntarily were excessed in “lieu of” because they believed the lies donahoe and postal management told them! these folks have no retreat rights and may well be driving a an hour or two each day for the rest of their careers because they were foolish enough to believe the postmaster general patrick donahoe and his lying little lapdogs in postal management all over this country. the moral of the story??? don’t EVER EVER EVER BELIEVE A WORD THAT PMG DONAHOE OR POSTAL MANAGEMENT SAYS! look at the facts and what you see happening and decide for yourself without believing postal management.

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