USPS offering $20,000 voluntary retirement incentives to 21,000 postmasters


Voluntary retirement incentive

USPS also has announced a Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) and Special Incentive Offer for the nation’s 21,000 Postmasters. The offer consists of a one-time, $20,000 cash incentive, payable in two installments. Postmasters who want to leave under the VER — as well as Postmasters who have reached their minimum retirement age and service requirements, and those who wish to voluntarily resign — are eligible for this special cash incentive.

PCES Postmasters are not included in this offer.

Postmasters will have until June 22, 2012 to accept the offer and must agree to leave the Postal Service effective July 31, 2012. Postmasters accepting the offer will receive two payments — $10,000 on Dec. 21, 2012, and $10,000 on Dec. 20, 2013, less withholdings and taxes. Part-time Postmasters will receive pro-rated payments on the same dates.

All eligible Postmasters will receive a retirement kit and a retirement annuity payment estimate from the Postal Service next week.

Details of this Special Incentive Offer and general VER guidelines will be posted as Frequently Asked Questions on Workforce Connection, available on LiteBlue.

38 thoughts on “USPS offering $20,000 voluntary retirement incentives to 21,000 postmasters

  1. What a corrupt company! Craft employee do all the work and no money to leave. Postmaster work maybe 4 hrs a day. Who you know to get the job. A word of wisdom to new employees. Leave whle you can before you get stuck there!

  2. think about it. all the pms retire and what happens—–another gets promoted to pm. with a party for promotion and the post office still has all the management it needs to do it again…..the real workers who touch the mail and the maintenance who keeps it all going are still looking for their vera. but it will never come because the people running the show are in charge….cut management in half and tell the other half to shape up or get out and nothing will happen…. check opm regs….they should be lawyers

  3. “I’s give my ex-dues money to the church”

    Bring your kids also,We just love to play with children.

  4. Amen enufisenuf. Child, ole Guppy won’ts get no more of my money. January 30th,2012 was my Independence Day. I’s give my ex-dues money to the church. Look here man, let’s me axe you a question. Do you have a dental plan with your insurance? Tell your chillren hello for me.

  5. Hey….Hard working long time letter carrier:

    I take home more money than you because I stopped donating it to Goofy and his crew who (incidentally) not only make more money than both of us, will continue making more money than both of us AND when he retires, will make more money than both us thanks to that APWU Officer Retirement fund that you donate to but that you can’t participate in. I don’t mind being called a scab because I take home more money than you. So, who’s the stupid one HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa
    all the way to the bank you lemming you!

  6. Ya’lls is sounding like dem welfare queens down at the welfare office whens they run out of cheese. Don’t worry, be happy. Too murch cheese makes your booty squeeze. Was you looking for a job when you found this one?

  7. USPS has been top heavy forever!!!!!! I say clean house and leave the real workers alone.

  8. Montana…you are right on. Thank you for trying to keep some integrity. The clowns will always be working at the circus, how many Vera’s do the clerks need. So much unhappiness…why not just grow up.

  9. Excellent move to eliminate wasted money on small neighborhood-surburban offices that in reality are not needed to provide postal service as the once agri-rural area due to housing boom are now surburban area located near towns with high level offices. Every town needs a post office but not every neighborhood. Eliminated wasted $$$ as many of these Postmasters are paid $60000.-$70000. to sell stamps and box mail. Politicans need to face reality that the dire need for ost offices in every neighborhood is no longer needed. Most homes now have electrical lighting and politicans do not need to subsidize candles industry to insure homes in rural areas have electricty. FACE REALITY THE NEED FOR COMMUNITY-NEIGHBORHOOD NO LONGER EXIST.ALL THE BS MAKES ENTERTAINING NEWS.

  10. You would think Issa would be unhappy on this situation. I thought they could rif postmasters at will. What contract do they have? I wouldn’t want to see it anyone lose their job and am happy for them with the vera. Where are the Republicans complaining? Ross any comment from you?

  11. All our money is going to the PM’s! What! No VERA! You mean us little guys have to keep working! Have any of you out there actually READ our CBA? You want to know WHO will take the place of the PM’s that leave? Check out page186 , section 9.a,1,2,&3. Now you know who will be forced into working for half the money, but ALL the headaches! Then, the “new” Lead Sales/Service Ass.’s will be next as a backup. READ your contract people, READ! There is nothing that should surprise you, that the PO does. It all boils down to money, and who they can pay the least, to do the most. Just look at our future work force, PSE’s!!!! Half the money there, too. Welcome to the Walmart Postal Service.

  12. Curious about the timing of this entire strategy. Just said that the PO would save the smaller offices, but cut back the hours. Later in the day the PO tells the workforce that they will VERA 21,000 PM jobs. Somebody fill me in with that logic? Will they do as they have so many times before and clean house at the Regional and National levels to fill in for the ones that take the offer ( $20 K ) of the buyout ? Very odd timing.

  13. Very few will take it, why give up 60++++grand a year for 20 grand in 2 instalments.
    How many can make that kind of money on the out side. Only a few will give up a sure thing.

  14. I be damn no vera! Well i am not going any where until they do, everybody need to dig in they will come around sooner or later, not going to do them no favor by leaving, and by the way p.o. get rid of some of those sorry ass plant managers to go with those sorry ass postmasters.

  15. That’s way too many postmasters at 21,000+ – ever see those tiny little hole in the wall post ofices, and they need a postmaster????? First they need to get rid of the PMG. Keeping post offices open, when the place is not making money. Let the old town’s people gather at their local Starbucks, or McDonald’s, the news saying the P.O. is a gathering place for the town’s people. Creepy politicians like the old farted guy in Nevada managed to keep all the mail processing facilities open, and off the closure list, when obviously there’s no need to keep the 3 mail processing plants open. The union takes your dues money to support those rat politicians, and put in an idiot in the White House. Tired of the guy making your life like a ghetto yet????? That’s all he knows, race card, beer-gate, and ghetto living. Idiots will believe him, and think the right thing to do is collect welfare and not aim to be rich. Blame it on the rich – what twisted thinking the president is trying to put into people’s heads.
    O.M.G. = Obama Must GO!!
    Follow the W.V. demoncrat voters, they prefer a federal prisoner over that useless Obummer.

  16. mayan day coming soon, stop whining posties! u milked the po for all these years, had many chances to get a real education and real job but stayed cuz ur into the ez postal work. u take shi_ well, and often , and seem to thrive on it so u have 30 plus years and your whining like someone put a gun to your head to stay. next time you cross a bridge in your new suv, stop and look under it and ask the family that live their if you need a frikin early out incentive! im sure they will gladly remove you from your vehicle and use it for their new home. peace all..mayan day to the whiners. and no im not in this f’d up union. i gave myself a one percent raise when they failed to get it for me many years ago. fire away….-_-

  17. Actually the last round went to unneeded, unproductive area and district pencil pushers, when they eliminated those areas and districts and associated positions.

    Haven’t APWU members been offered like three VERA’s since 2008?

    You want to get rid of the managers, cause they don’t move the mail…it’s done and still not happy?

    APWU negotiates more positions at higher wages and still not happy?

    Post Offices all across the US get to stay open, keeping much needed services and jobs, still not happy?

    Starting to see a pattern here…

  18. Kinda figured PMG would take care of his own first. Next round will be workroom floor supervisors, wanna bet? Last round went to EAS District level supervisors. What’s Really Goin On? Pretty obvious.

  19. Good for the postmasters. Now let’s get this thing rolling for the clerks. Make sure to send out all of the old timers because we have the knowledge and knowhow of moving the mail. Once you get rid of the old timers the post office will surely fall. AHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHH! i’M GOING CRAZY GET ME OUT OF HERE. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH!

  20. While you and I are worrying about whether we’ll retire or whether the APWU will be able to save our jobs, the following might interest you about something you have paid for with your union dues that you will be unable to enjoy like our union officers do:

    APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan is a 401k plan which has $55,398,175 net assets as of end of year, which is drastically more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The plan has been in effect since 7/1/1971, and is a Multiple-Employer.

    The APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan’s 401k plan has 119 active participants , which is slightly more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan 401k plan has 102 retired or separated participants receiving benefits, which is drastically more than the average for all Company 401k Plans.

    So contact APWU today for a piece of their pie! You stewards should also contact them! Wonder why nothing is posted bout this on You didn’t know about this? You should ask bout it at the next union meeting. You should ask…and keep paying dem dues bruthas n sistas sos we can continue raking in the dough.

  21. The APWU is letting all the workers that have stood with them down in a big way. They see an VER for craft employees as losing members and a threat to their cushy jobs. The PO is just waiting out the workers that were waiting for the money. They will wait until we die out, or just get mad and go. No dignity and no respect is the motto for craft employees. The people that are pumping the bilges and trying to keep this ship afloat have no idea that everybody topside has already jumped ship.

  22. APWU Moronic Member:

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa…and by the way, keep paying dem dues and dues assessments…we need mo commercials! Something else Goofy said:

    NO VERA cause we’ll lose even more union members and I’ll have to give back part of my salary as union prez!


  24. We the APWU are so happy that Postmasters are getting a 20k going away present, they deserve it !, now our clerks can stay, no VERA for you !, and those dues will keep on Rolling in, and now you can work till you drop dead !, God Bless me, I am good, look what i did for you, did you not hear, no VERA for clerks, or any APWU craft
    , we will find you a broom if we have to, to keep you insanely employed, true many of you are Going Postal, but hey!, this is great for us National Folks and some local Presidents, and some, but you grunts, well someone has to take the fall, bye , bye VERA!
    Happy Dues Days are here again !

  25. You would think the clerk craft union would at least make a statement on the incredible bias of offering management money before craft employees.The APWU has become the laughing stock of all unions and is sinking to new depths of inadequacy under this guy Guffey Guffy whatever his name is.Never forget his famous Win Win comment about our last contract.I sure won when I lost the last 1000 dollar cola.
    A Statement Cliff -a statement- that,s what the rank and file would like to hear at the very least. Will you please say Something- Anything.

  26. is this offered to just postmasters? Is this offered to civil service workers non executive Reading this statement, confused me “and those who wish to voluntarily resign ” what does that mean? Resign with no cash offer?

  27. If you have been paying attention, the agreement between USPS and APWU on the “Lead Clerk” positions is a tell all.

    Reducing hours in smaller “rural” post offices mean there will be no full time PM’s there, putting those offices under an umbrella PM in a larger office with several small offices under them.

    Lead Clerk positions created to offer senior craft employees chances to move into jobs that have all the responsibilites of a supervisor/PM, except issuing discipline and settleing grievances. A lead clerk could be responsible for operating 1-3 offices a day, with travel pay etc,

    Sounds to me like everything clerks have been asking for…chances to do the work, at a higher level, with all the responsibility you deserve based on your experience and knowledge, without a PM or other supervisor breathing down your neck.

    I see this as a brilliant stroke to allow clerks that may be displaced due to plant closings to either bid these lead clerk positions, or at least move into bid positions created by others bidding the lead clerk jobs.

    Bottom line, getting rid of “managers”, creating more jobs for clerks…why would they offer clerks a VERA when you will be needed to “do the work”? Isn’t this what the APWU has been fighting for?

    Win Win all around. I get to retire, and deserving clerks get to keep their jobs.
    Good luck to everyone!

  28. As usual, management takes care of their own. When are the hardworking dedicated craft employees going to get their VERA, by the way, keep your $20k, give me 2 years service time, and I will be just a bad memory to my supervisor, and managers. I can’t wait for the day when I can say I’m retired from that God-awful place.

  29. Good for the Posmasters financial return. Keep in mind it is and always has been the bargaining unit employees who made them successful. What, if anything, did you offer the back-bone of the USPS employees? Where is their early out option?

    Do not look in the mirror anytime soon Mr. PMG&Constituants.

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