Hochul, Griffith & Noem Introduce Bipartisan Legislation Capping USPS Executive Pay

March 28, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Kathy Hochul (D-NY) yesterday was joined by Representatives Morgan Griffith (R-VA) and Kristi Noem (R-SD) in introducing the bipartisan Postal Executive Accountability Act, which limits compensation for executive officers of the United States Postal Service to the same level of pay as the President’s Cabinet.

“I was proud to work with my colleagues in introducing this bipartisan cost-saving measure during this time of record-high deficits,” said Rep. Kathy Hochul.  “While American families are struggling to get by and the jobs of thousands of postal employees across the country remain in jeopardy, including 700 employees in Buffalo, it’s absurd to think the Postmaster General and his top executives are making significantly more than Cabinet Secretaries.  This bill will cut the pay and substantial bonuses for USPS senior leadership.”

“When we’re trying to make tough choices with respect to the post office’s financial future, fiscal responsibility needs to start at the top,” said Rep. Morgan Griffith.  “With our unprecedented financial problems, this bill proposes a common sense reform.  I urge my colleagues to join us in this very reasonable bill.”

“As the postal service looks to curb costs by cutting rural services, they should look at all expenditures – and that includes top salaries and bonuses.  The Post Master General shouldn’t be making more money than a Cabinet Secretary when the postal system is calling on Congress to help them stay solvent,” said Rep. Kristi Noem.

The Postal Executive Accountability Act would reinstate the longstanding policy of paying the Postmaster General and other USPS executives no more than the President’s Cabinet ($199,700 in FY2012).  Additionally, this bill would prohibit the issuance of bonuses to USPS executive officers in years that the Postal Service closes any retail or processing facility.

26 thoughts on “Hochul, Griffith & Noem Introduce Bipartisan Legislation Capping USPS Executive Pay

  1. Ever wonder what the
    USPS costs taxpayers?
    The Postal Service receives no tax dollars, and relies on the
    sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.
    What will you do if your post office closes?
    If Congress doesn’t do something to fix the USPS’s finances by May 15, the Postal Service plans to close 3,600 post offices, consolidate 223 mail processing centers, layoff 100,000 workers, eliminate Pensions..
    Why is this happening?
    Because the USPS refuses to grant Early Retirement Incentives.
    Congress created this problem
    and Congress can fix it.
    Call your U.S. senators and representative at 202-224-3121 (Capitol Switchboard). Tell them to
    fix the USPS and Support S.1789 for Early Retirements Incentives, Give our members a chance
    to retire with dignity.
    As Senate Prepares to Vote on Postal Reform
    As the Senate prepares to vote on the 21st Century Postal Service Act (Senate Bill 1789), America’s postal workers are urging concerned members of the public to contact
    their senators and let them know that Senate bill 1789 is acceptable in its current form.
    As it’s currently written, the bill would give the USPS some short-term financial relief, and offer decent retirement incentives to craft employees
    affected by these closings.
    Call Your Senators:
    (Capitol Switchboard)
    [Click here for direct #s]
    Tell them you Support
    Senate Bill 1789.
    Depends on the Postal Service
    This message brought to you by America’s postal workers

  2. We need our Infrastructure what we don’t need is this useless “superstructure”. We don’t need a horde of contentious, faultfinders flooding our workroom floors playing “gotcha-games” with the rank and file in order to justify their pay checks. We don’t need this supercilious burden that sits atop the USPS like an excrescence. There’s the door – and take COR with you. There’s nothing wrong with the workers. The problem with the USPS starts at the top, with Management:

    Are they leading us or deceiving us?

  3. Maybe what seems most bothersome is when the media or Congress wants to talk business; they always parade out a Postmaster waving a white flag, rolling over and speechifying abdication through “postal reform.” If management can’t lead, then they should at least get out of the way. Or better yet, just get out. Leave your bonuses by the door and leave the workforce to handle the task ourselves. If Congress wants to save the Postal Service billions of dollars, then pack up all the Potter wannabes, and kite them out the door.

  4. p.r stunt, but is so obivious, had this been done 8 years back it would have been something to talk about.
    now there needs to be some innovative emapathetic idea to get the big machinery of usps cranking to the speeds of powerful servcice which is futuristic and nattions pride! not this…. this is what we call distractors, would not be so if main problems were and are addressed before this! fair, square and simple.

    if this were a game:
    team red vs team blue, team eagle vs team blue, an’ red, team eagle vs team unknown, private corporations , team eagle vs team special interest group, deep pockets with their own magical agendas disconnected from reality. ( it seems to me eagle is being pestered by many at the same time when it needs to revamp itself for the future!)

  5. That’s as it should be! They should never have received such a great salary, for what destroying the workers lives? We the workers keep the place going, they come along with their stupidity and try to make changes to make us go out of business, as if they have been trying to destroy us purposely. Then earn all that money. What a waste! This way their retirement is great and then want to take ours from us! I’m glad some people are finally stepping in to make good changes. Certainly not ones like Issa, he needs to go too.

  6. Should be named postal executive and management good bye act. Save the po 7 billion a year. Those left can do a better job. It can’t be rocket sience to move mail?

  7. There should not be bonuses at all. We are a government agency. Name me another agency that gives bonuses.

  8. Who determine PMG, DEPUTY PMGS, BOARD OF GOVERNORS AND ALL OTHER HEADQUARTERS STAFF SALARY? Whoever determines management salaries should deal with the realities that revenue must be generated to cover expenses of the organization. Salaries paid are unreal for managers employed by a government service organization which to continue to exist in present form will have to be subsidized by the government same as social security administration, internal revenue service and other government agenicies. Who and how are high salaried management people going to be paid?. Back to taxes same as prior to 1971? Failure to reorganize to meet a breakeven point? Due dilligence to determine needs in 21st century.

  9. Now looky here!! Us 110,000+ Managers has reports to fill out about how much mail volume is down and how long it takes a carrier to finish a route. How else can we justify cutting folks that actually do the job of moving the mail??

  10. The act also needs to make sure that postal execs are not getting paid under the table by bulk mailers! Why else would the P.O. give below cost discounts to these mailers. According to the PRC 14 classes of mail do not collect enough revenue to break even.

  11. “keep aggravating them and things will get worst”

    I dont think so….mommy had a baby named it Donahue, he’s just a little play thing. i want to keep him up all nite

    This unaccountable regime needs to have a mass postal wake up call stuck up their sun dont shines.

  12. Please ask the PMG why management has increased 28% while the craft has decreased 20% since 2000. Carriers and clerks and all the craft workers are sick and tired of paying management’s salaries with our jobs. Why is 20% of the USPS sub-contracted? Already 1 in 5 postal jobs have been privatized. It needs to stop, NOW! If it made sense it wouldn’t be the Post Office. We have been had; mis-management by the inbred idiot clown posse fake bosses will put the postal service in the history books. Management is so dumb they actually think they will still have a job after they privatize. Make them work for their inflated salaries. If they can’t increase revenue equal to their bonuses and salary in 2012 then FIRE them. Just like the private sector they are trying to emulate. Let the crafts manage themselves by bringing back reference volume. Eight hours volume for 8 hours pay. We rack and we deliver, micro-management is not necessary. At $65,000 average pay for 110,000 fake bosses equals 7 billion 150 million DOLLARS!
    There is only one fix for this sky is falling scam implemented by management. A nationwide lock-out of every inbred weasel manager that slithers to work every day to pretend that they actually do or micro-manage anything. The 6 most senior WORKERS would rotate daily operations at plants and stations Monday to Saturday. Every postal worker needs to put the spotlight on our real enemy which is postal management. Here is a simple math problem. “If you lined up the 6 foot desks of the 110,000 management slots in a line. How long would it be?” Answer: 125 miles. I say send those desk jockeys to line the California/ Mexico border and deduct their worthless salaries from the PO and drop a dime off of a stamp. One, it won’t affect the mail stream at all and 2 management is only good at taking workers jobs away. So line them all up on our southern borders to keep the illegals from taking away American jobs. 2 birds 1 stone.

  13. I hope that people are not fooled by this. This is just political grandstanding by Congress men and women in an election year. They villianize management (most of whom spent much of their USPS career as craft) and pick on an easy target to take the heat off themselves. If Congress really wanted to help the USPS get on track, they would have addressed the proposals on the floor this week and not side-stepped the issue one more time. (The oil gas tax is more important? Really?) Then…they spend more time drafting a bill that will do nothing. Who really thinks that cutting executive pay will do anything to solve the USPS’ financial situation? Nobody is fooled by this sleight of hand.

  14. E xecutive pay for government service employees must capped. Pistol Pat and his high salaried gang are not in the private sector and with their performance in failing to operate cost effective and ignorging the basic economics of supply and demand would be replaced. CEO and executives are responsible to directors who represent owners of the company known as shareholders. USPS is a semiquasi service whose financial posture is to breakeven. UPS and FED X CEOs make million in salary and stock options based on earning performance. USPS high salaried gang work for the government and should be paid as such as they are to operate cost effective to breakeven which they are failing in present methods of operations. Demand for USPS service have declined resulting in massive monatary loss. PMG, high salaried deputy pmgs, and the other high salaried headquarters staph salaries should be reviewed by a government service task force to determine monatary value of high salary positions and the difference if any if positions were eliminated. Pistol Pat has no authority to devise a USPS health plan. He is paid to direct operations to perform cost effective operations and adjust
    operations to meet service demands. Revenue generation in the 21st century is declining and will continue to do so as mail volume decreases. Services provided
    must be reduced as advances in communication technologhy has affected the written messaging communications in reducing volume which decreases revenue.
    Delivery days must be reduced, employees reduced, workhours, salaries reduced or eliminated in all management levels. Pistol Pat and his deputies at headquarter
    are employed to devise actions to operate cost effective and not deal with FEHP
    to reduce cost as he is not paid to act or devise schemes in government administrative activities.

  15. usps mangement still got 120% bonus while the business is losing revenue, it only happen at usps.

  16. Ahhh to be able to hear what goes on behind closed doors. I’m sure we would all be astounded. When Facilities close you can be sure Constituents will react and our poor Congressmen must turn their attention from lining their pockets to dealing with angry voters. They don’t like that so the all powerful eyes are looking to Donahue with displeasure. Once the machines wheels start turning Issa will jump up to the helm and once again malign the Postal Service and it;s dedicated employees making us all look like slackers and lazy government employees.

  17. the pmg and his boys are shaking now, be real, this regime is unaccountable and nobody is going to tell them what to do. keep aggravating them and things will get worst. can’t wait for SHOWTIME.

  18. It’s refreshing that the postmaster general—who is tasked with ensuring the health of USPS is focused on growing and expanding the Postal Service—has embraced legislation that will help to preserve the USPS and that has very overwhelming support in the House,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said.
    H.R. 2309.
    “Congress has done its part to create legislation that will strengthen and improve the U.S. Postal Service as an essential component of American infrastructure,” Rolando said. “fortunately, the Issa-Ross bill would do more. It would, in fact, offer lucrative retirement incentives.”

  19. Wow! Just wrong on a number of levels. First could you possibly confuse the public any more than choosing to call this the ” Postal Executive Accountability Act”. That sounds strikingly similar to the 2006 “Postal Enhancement Accountability Act”. Was that intentional? Try again on the title please.
    If Donohoe and upper level management aren’t doing their job then fire them and hire the next leader in at the appropriate rate of compensation. Bonuses should have been suspended the first year we lost $$. Does Congress really want to help the Postal Service? If they do, they should start by releasing the funding for workforce reduction incentives. Cut the force, then cut the facilities.
    Next give the PO its PEAA overpayments back. Stop hammering the work force.The nature of our work is very stressful and congress is adding to the stress by their actions or lack of.
    Stop playing politics with the postal workforce. FIX US NOW.

  20. From the National Association of Letter Carriers:
    NALC: Breaking: Senate will take up S. 1789 after Easter recess: Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) announced Monday evening that the Senate would not be taking up consideration of S. 1789, the 21st Century Postal Reform Act, until sometime in mid-April after Congress’ Easter recess. Lieberman is chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and one of the co-sponsors of S. 1789, along with Sens. Tom Carper (D-MA), Susan Collins (R-ME) and Scott Brown (R-MA). “Thank you to the more than 50,000 NALC members who took part in Sunday’s national teleconferences,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said, “and thank you to the thousands of letter carriers and allies who, over the past two days, flooded Senate offices with calls to voice our Support to this bill. It’s this unparalleled level of commitment that will help us win the fight to preserve the Postal Service for decades to come. We hope that senators will now use this extra time to carefully analyze the Service’s financial problems, so that when the Senate resumes its business after the break, it will be prepared to work on realistic Early Retirement Incentives for all craft employees , to add to the 25k and/ or years, currently offered” Click here to find out how you can still contact your senators and urge them to support the bill in its current form.
    In addition we support the bipartisan Postal Executive Accountability Act, which limits compensation for executive officers of the United States Postal Service to the same level of pay as the President’s Cabinet.
    via NALC | The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO ‘

    Call Your Senators:
    (Capitol Switchboard)
    [Click here for direct #s]
    Tell them you Support 
    S. 1789

  21. How say you Issa/Ross?

    Whats good for the goose? Is good for the gander.

    The Postal Executive Accountability Act?

    Alot waiting like to see how you bipartisan colleagues vote on this one.

    Me Myself and I dont think this Act goes far enough? These people have been running amok with no accountability to the American people for far to long.

    They need to be replaced.

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