USPS Statement on Market Survey Research Filed with the PRC

The Postal Service conducted market survey research related to potential service standard changes. A questionnaire used in the fall of 2011 asked business customer respondents about a scenario that would never be implemented at the same time.

Specifically, the survey asked whether business customer respondents would lessen their use of the mail if the Postal Service immediately imposed price increases, service standard changes, altered delivery frequency, realigned its network of mail processing facilities and other actions. Any such contemplated actions, if implemented, would be done so over a phased, five-year time horizon, providing adequate time for planning.

The survey additionally failed to ask basic questions about whether businesses were planning to change their mailing behaviors in absence of any such actions by the Postal Service. Upon review of the initial study results, the study’s design was deemed to be seriously flawed.

The research project was cancelled at that time and a new survey was conducted.

The Postal Service clarified these issues as part of testimony delivered this week at the Postal
Regulatory Commission.

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

source: USPS

6 thoughts on “USPS Statement on Market Survey Research Filed with the PRC

  1. Hey Raul & Joe Wanats
    Take your crap somewhere else. We all know the union does not support this bill. You’re blowing this crap out your rear. Get a clue & then get a life.

  2. Rolando and Guffey are not covering your back, they care less about VERA’s, Guffey / APWU are the worst, Rolando though wants also to make the bill so amended, it will never pass.
    Mismanagement and over funding, and the dues hungry Unions = downfall of USPS, lies and more lies, the USPS already uses the Inspectors and OIG, Office of Inspector General to set up craft employees, two sets of rules, just like the IRS, a Gestapo mentality, offering a decent early retirement/ Incentives would be one way to escape the deteriorating work places in the USPS, the work environment has always been about management inflating numbers, lying about getting mail out when it is stacked somewhere or sent back to be reprocessed, and using threats (OIG, Inspection Service, intimidation, following craft workers off the job etc.) and abusive tactics for managers to get their bonuses, always a daily fight for us workers to survive, yes it is a daily war to get you the customer your mail, end this monopoly now !
    Support S.1789 as it is , because Goofball Guffey of the APWU already has said ( as well as Rolando the NALC Cuban Clown) that neither he nor his members will support any bill unless all the Union’s agenda items are included, the NALC and APWU are calling it the “Kill Bill S.1789”.

  3. USPS Plans to Implement Consolidations As Soon As Moratorium Ends
    Top-level postal managers were unable – or unwilling – to specify which mail processing centers would be closed immediately. Decisions will be made at the end of February, they said.
    Postal officials said that as a result of the consolidations, approximately 83,000 jobs will be eliminated in the crafts represented by the APWU, including more than 63,800 Clerks, close to 9,000 Maintenance Craft employees, and more than 1,800 Motor Vehicle Craft employees.
    GOOGLE……….U.S. SENATE………Choose your “SENATOR HOME” State. Look for the area in which to write and send your comment.  
    I wrote ” I work for the U.S.P.S. and I do not oppose S1789 in it’s amended form”. This bill offers three types of incentives not to be combined.  
    1. 25,000 cash.  
    2. 2 years added on to your FERS retirement  
    3. 1 year added on to your CSRS retirement.  
    “This announcement makes it all the more important that APWU members reach out to their senators to let them know that S. 1789 as amended,” must be passed now said Guffey.
    Call Your Senators:
    (Capitol Switchboard)
    [Click here for direct #s]
    Tell them you Support 
    S. 1789
    The U.S. Senate soon will likely debate the 21st Century Postal Reform Act (S. 1789), bill designed to ‘save” the U.S. Postal Service by offering Early Retirement Incentives.
    As president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, I understand the budgetary and market challenges facing the USPS.
    S. 1789 should be passed as amended, it will save America’s postal network. Instead of enacting shortsighted, destructive policies, Congress should approve this bill ,S.1789.
    Fredric V. Rolando is the president of the National Association of Letter Carriers
    NAPUS will continue to work with Senate allies to pass S. 1789, and ensure that the measure will garner the requisite votes for passage.

  4. The APWU supports the 21st Century Postal Service Act (S. 1789) in its current form and are asking members to contact your senators and encourage them to support it with the new amendments to S.1789 that would offer the long suffering membership Early Retirement incentives.

    To send your senators a quick message, click here.

    After you send a message to your senators, also make sure you take a minute to call their offices and tell them to amend S. 1789.

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