VER Announcement On the Way?

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I know this is off-topic here…but…this morning I checked the liteblue Workforce Connection page for any news of a VER and it WAS listed there. On the left side of the page just above Quick Links (there’s a big blank spot there now) was a section titled “2012 special incentive”. It had 3 links below it: VER/incentive FAQ’s, How to apply, and Retirement videos. None of the links worked, they took you to the address change page. But it was there! I printed it out so I have proof. When I checked a while later, it was gone.

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  1. I’m not gettin excited till I get it in writing…. they can RUMOR all they want I’m done listening to the crap, SHIT or get off the pot!

  2. a rumor is a rumor is a rumor! 45+ years. believe nothing til you get it in writing with your name on it. in 1992 i had 25 years and could have taken that early-out. so glad i didn’t!

  3. Retirement is a personnal choice as it should be.

    Soon to be unemployed you should not being going through life telling others what they should or should not do or get.

    eligible to retire for a 55 yr old 30 yr csrs service employee just means you got 11 more years an 11 months to go to get to the max of 80% of your HIGH 3 yrs.Which stands at about a grand more a month.Something one should really think about before making a big life changer choice…no turning back.

    But now are you telling me/us that just because one becomes eligible at 55 to retire that they should? and lose a thousand dollors a month in their retirement so your Soon to be unemployed ass can maybe have a job? Are you kidding me? And your also saying? They shouldn’t get an incentive to leave? Well SHUT THE FRONT DOOR ISSA IN THE HOUSE!

    Bet ya he’s doing a little dreaming.

  4. I bet more than half of you could have retired already. Keep dreaming for money. If you can’t afford to retire when you are eligible, you will never retire. If you are not retired and already could have been, you definitely shouldn’t get an incentive to leave.

  5. OK, here we are, we’ve been told that the VER was coming out today…so where the heck is it? My union was told, we were told, so many have seen the links prior to today on Liteblue, and still nothing…what game are they playing now? Whatever it is, I’m not laughing….I just want as far away from this horrible place as I can be…..are they going to drag all our emotions through the pits all day over this?….Bring it on already!

  6. One of our supervisors said he would go if offered.

    He asked me if i’d go, my reply $50k cash and 80% csrs… i’d think about it?

    His reply i dont think they will offer either.

    I said, you’d have to be a fool to go in this economy without that.

    Most of us have over 30 yrs and able to add on another 2% each year we stay till we max out at 80%.

    So if you got 34 yrs in and do 7 more yrs thats going be about $700 more a month and your still in your 50’s……what r u guys smoking? is right.

    Some are going smoke them all the way to the bitter end.

    Now this supervisors says well maybe i’ll get another job, thats a laugh, i know many people who have been out of work fo months/years.

    Im burnt out too alot of us are,but when i see that homeless guy? Well i spare what i can and know i got to keep keeping on.

    But by all means god bless, best wishes to you all…… i totally understand now lets lite’em up 🙂

  7. There is no way there will be 50 k or 4 yrs….what r u guys smoking? There is a cap at 25,000, and I just don’t believe they will offer more than 2 yrs. I just want them to get the show on the road because I know a lot of 35+ yr people that will go, and myself am just burned out. Maybe I should have left at 30 yrs, and this waiting wouldn’t be so painful. Regardless, I am outta here by Aug!

  8. saw the same than poof like a fart in the wind it was gone. Just flush the toilets turn
    off lights and close the the doors . The gravy train is over

  9. saw the same than poof like a fart in the wind it was gone. Just flush the toilets turn
    off lights and close the the doors . The gravy train is oover

  10. Thanks for the info. I’m not getting my hope up, they’ve been dashed so many times it’s enough to kill you…but I suppose that is what they want.

  11. As always, apwu stands prepared to battle any early out attempt that will reduce the union coffers and my lifestyle.

  12. On Workplace Connection the VER and retirement links (FAQ) were updated on 3/12/12. Somebody knows something.

  13. “what is coming may be for 2000 managers and support staff first. mailhandlers and clerks will be next. The incentive is 7500 first, 7500 six monthes,!0 k in another year. they want you off books 6-30. no carriers at this time”.

    Looking forward to clearing out all you rmanagers and support staff offices.

    Custodians rule.

    2% plus all the bennies…

  14. Big Brother is playing? They got the nets out yet? $50k, plus 4 years?

    Every Sardine for him/herself making a xtray 2% a year for hanging around plus all the bennies! Let the games begin!

    Yes Baby In My Net!

  15. Attention Brothers and Sisters! Big Brother is playing a came with us, hoping we get tired and just retire. But hang in everyone! We make a xtray 2% a year for hanging around plus all the bennies!

    If they really want us to go they will have to come up with something that will make us leave now with a pocket full of money!

  16. WOW! I just saw it too! $50k, plus 4 years. Only for ETs, since they were not eligible in ANY of the earlier VERs.

  17. I didn’t get to see “2012 Special Incentive” anywhere. I look daily. Sorry I missed that one. The other links about VER with VER incentive FAQ’s, how to apply, and retirement videos have been there since 2011. You can still get those by going into your HR, and those links work. I’m hoping they do put a special incentive back up, but remember, if you qualify, they will mail you a letter.

  18. Oh please let it be the beginning of letting us go…don’t even care if there is incentives. Want a life without 6 day weeks, 10/12 hour days. 30 years is enough!!!

  19. Someone needs to have a Supervisor log on and go to FAQ’s and see if it tries refreshing or they are able to get there. I believe this is a special offer for their cronies. I hope I am wrong because I am also soooooo ready to jump ship.

  20. Go ahead and take the early retirement so I can spend your precious pension and leave you with an austere paycheck

  21. Here we go again. Don’t wet yourselves. Here comes the Sears Christmas Wish Book all over again. Tell yor mama I said hello.

  22. I won’t be excited, they are cheap, they won’t offer too much incentive.I don’t want to early retire unless they offer good incentive.

  23. what is coming may be for 2000 managers and support staff first. mailhandlers and clerks will be next. The incentive is 7500 first, 7500 six monthes,!0 k in another year. they want you off books 6-30. no carriers at this time.

  24. Don’t know if I really want to leave with this Flat Sorting System making me a wealthy little camper!! O.T. for all !! Either boat or car coming soon. Thanks for the new time and money saving system!!!

  25. Man I hope you’re right I’m ready to get out I’ve been checking all the sites and making sure that of this vera incentive is coming.

  26. On June 17, Kim Hirschkorn, former financial secretary of Local 709 of the American Postal Workers Union, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington for embezzling an unspecified sum of money from the Bellingham local.

  27. We heard that they were putting something out there and decided to pull the offer. Don’t know if it is true or not but that would make sense with what you people are saying. Don’t know the reason but maybe they want to refine what they are going to offer. Everyone agrees that something will happen but for what and when is another issue.

  28. I just was able to watch the retirement video the main speakers were Spanky, Stimy, Alphalfa, Buckweet and farina.

  29. Yep, I dd the same thing last night after a buddy emailed me. I copied it: None of the links worked and it was gone later.

    2012 Special Incentive

    * VER/Incentive FAQs
    Answers to your questions about the special incentive

    * How to accept an offer
    Steps to take if you want to accept the incentive offer

    * Retirement videos

  30. If you click on…Highlighted Cached on that link it will show you the following…2012 special incentive…but once again the links take you no where.

  31. You are right…I went to the search box and put in …ver 2012…and the link came up but it now won’t take you there

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