Taradel CEO, Jim Fitzgerald, Provides Major Boost to USPS Every Door Direct Mail Program

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) March 12, 2012

Jim Fitzgerald, President and CEO of Taradel LLC, is featured in this month’s issue of Deliver Magazine, the popular direct marketing publication produced by the USPS. In the article titled, “The Million Door Mark,” Fitzgerald’s company is profiled for producing “more than one million pieces for the Every Door Direct Mail™ program.” Even more exciting, Taradel has more than doubled those numbers (producing and mailing nearly 2.5 million pieces via the USPS) since the article was published.

Based in Richmond, Fitzgerald’s Taradel LLC is now the country’s leading provider of turnkey Every Door Direct Mail™ solutions. With more than twenty-five thousand small business accounts, Taradel understands the needs and challenges facing independent restaurants, medical practices, and other small to medium-sized business operations across the country.

Fitzgerald said: “I’m a small business owner myself and I love listening to other small business owners share their stories about their successful mail campaigns. This program has exceeded our expectations and we’re now convinced that we’re just scratching the surface. Going forward our mission is to take this powerful medium to millions of small businesses across the country.”

With unparalleled EDDM™ experience, small business owners are flocking to Taradel to launch their own targeted EDDM™ campaigns – all at the lowest rates in the industry. In a recent video testimonial posted to YouTube.com, small business owner Tom Nuscis (Pappy’s Pizza, NJ) summed up his remarkable EDDM™ experience using his smart phone camera.

“Everybody that receives them (print offers) takes a look at them. To date, from last year, our sales are up forty-seven percent. We’re going into our sixth campaign starting this Super Bowl.”

Taradel’s success is largely a result of Fitzgerald’s innovative approach to print advertising. By developing the first point-and-click online targeting tool, the entrepreneur skyrocketed Taradel to industry-leader status.

Dubbed U-Select, the online mapping tool enables any business advertiser to type in an address and target nearby postal routes with one mouse click. Combined with easy online print options, Taradel has empowered millions of advertisers to launch direct mail campaigns, in less than ten minutes, from almost any web-enabled device.

One thought on “Taradel CEO, Jim Fitzgerald, Provides Major Boost to USPS Every Door Direct Mail Program

  1. Deborah C. Essler
    America needs a financially stable and Private Postal Service to best adapt to a changing marketplace and evolving mail needs.
    Toward that end, the U.S. Postal Service is taking actions to abrogate the long-term affordability of mail and send this organization to financial instability.

    Declining mail volumes and a rising percentage of our 6 figure salaries and bonuses dictate that we take this bold action to preserve and protect the Postal Service to retain our lucrative salaries.
    In the past financial quarter, the Postal Service lost $3.3 billion dollars and is projecting steep losses for the remainder of the year, most due to the high salaries paid to upper and lower management.
    It is in March ,2012 that we will announce across the board Early Retirements and possibly incentives, though the largest incentives will go to Management, and any remaining funds for craft buyouts.
    Times have just changed, and so must the Postal Service. The fact is the American public and businesses are relying more on electronic communications. Bills are paid online. Friends and family interact through email, Facebook and Twitter.
    Nevertheless, the demise of the Postal Service is something we all have to deal with, The Postal Service sustains a $900 billion industry that employs more than 8 million people. Its employees deliver mail to 151 million locations, the free ride of delivery to every residence , is an element of the past.
    Last year, more than 8,000 postal employees in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont alone processed, transported and delivered 650 million pieces of mail to more than 1.83 million homes, businesses and post office boxes, even though management in their places of work used and continue to use intimidation and threats against them daily.
    Our employees do a great job and are committed to both their co-workers and our communities, these employees though working in abusive and hostile working environments, for some reason ,continue to work.
    And yet, to preserve the affordability of mail and to return the Postal Service to long-term financial stability, the Postal Service is pursuing a dismantling of our operational networks. As we do so, we are committed to ensuring a tragic end for our employees and our customers.
    In December, the Postal Service agreed to impose a moratorium on closing or consolidating post offices and mail processing facilities until May 15, to give Congress time for Privatization to begin.
    The steps we are taking now will put the Postal Service on a strong course for Privatization footing within the next few years.
    Deborah C. Essler is district manager of the Northern New England District of the U.S. Postal Service, composed of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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