PMG Announces USPS VP Susan LaChance To Retire

USPS Pricing VP Maura Robinson will assume new role

Susan LaChance (left) and Maura Robinson (right)



Postmaster General Pat Donahoe has announced that Consumer and Industry Affairs Vice President Susan M. LaChance will retire from the Postal Service.

“Over the past year Susan has played an exceptionally strong role on our leadership team,” said Donahoe. “She has been an effective advocate both internally for the interests of our customers and externally in building greater strategic alignment with our major stakeholders.”

LaChance was named to her current position in January 2011, after having served as vice president, Employee Development and Diversity, since May 2005. She began her career with the Postal Service working as a distribution clerk while completing her undergraduate degree. LaChance has held numerous postal positions with various operational and managerial responsibilities at both field and headquarters levels.

In Consumer and Industry Affairs, LaChance designed and staffed a new organization in support of advocating for the consumer and the mailing industry. She enhanced communications and outreach to the mailing industry and implemented initiatives that have resulted in improvements to the Postal Service’s Customer Experience Measurement results.

Donahoe also announced that Pricing Vice President Maura Robinson will succeed LaChance. “Maura’s background in pricing and product issues makes her uniquely qualified to work with the broad spectrum of postal customers,” said Donahoe. “She will lead our efforts to find practical solutions and simpler ways for customers to work with the Postal Service, and to encourage growth in the mailing industry.”

Robinson has served in her current position since June 2008. Before that she was manager, Transformation, in Strategic Planning, and in 2004 was on special assignment to the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs.

source: USPS News Link

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