U.S. Postal Service Statement on Election Mail Process

The U.S. Postal Service announced today that its plan to consolidate its mail processing network includes a suspension of the consolidation efforts during the election mailing season in order to avoid any adverse impact on the November election.  The Postal Service will also utilize an Election Mail Task Force to work with all 50 states to develop strategies that address the questions and concerns of state and local election boards. Together, these measures will ensure the timely delivery of election-related mail.

“Mail is an increasingly important part of the U.S. election process and we are confident in the dependable and timely delivery of election-related mail,” stated U.S. Postmaster General and CEO Patrick R. Donahoe.

In December, the U.S. Postal Service formed an agreement with Congress that no consolidation or closing of any postal facility will occur prior to May 15, 2012. Therefore, most closures or consolidations would have to take place starting after May 15, 2012, and be completed by August 31, 2012. Further consolidation of facilities would then continue in early 2013.  The pursuit by the Postal Service of the significant consolidation of its national network of mail processing facilities is contingent upon its adoption of a final rule changing its delivery service standards

For primary elections after May 15, the U.S. Postal Service is instituting a state-by-state outreach program to address the questions and concerns of election boards, political candidates and mailers.

In addition, for states that are promoting vote by mail, the proposed plan to study 3,600 Post Offices around the U.S. for possible closure will not adversely affect the voting process as customers have many ways in which to deposit mail, including with their carrier, with a retail partner, at a collection box location, or at a neighboring office within reasonable distance to their current location. The Postal Service is exploring options to provide customers with alternate access to postal services and products where they live, work and shop.

19 thoughts on “U.S. Postal Service Statement on Election Mail Process

  1. Is this why Osama BarackYoMama is reaching out via internet and other tech solutions other than the typical use of election mail? I believe that APWU union member lemmings are about to realize a difficult lesson…they were sold a faulty “product” this past negotiations and the union doesn’t run the place after all. A bitter pill to swallow indeed. So just keep paying dem dues. In the end only the union and its stewards will be left while all of y’all will be elsewheres!

  2. “Forked Tounge”, so true! This is an admission that they know the product we will soon be giving the American People will be inferior and inadequate to operate as well as what we have now.
    After they relaxe the standards and finish downsizeing, will there be no more elections? Or is this election extra special because it requires certain “Elected Officials” to remain in place in order to keep this ball rolling Up Hill until they get what they want. Not to mention it’s indeceant what they plan on doing to us and they couldn’t have picked a worst time to do so.

  3. Republicans should really interested in this issue as most of the absentee mail voters are old people who have forgotten what it was like to work for a living and vote REPUBLICAN.

  4. Click here to send a quick message telling both of your Senators that the postal reform bill, S. 1789, is acceptable in its current form. No amendments need to be made to S. 1789. The stakes for postal workers have never been higher. This legislation, as written, would give the Postal Service financial relief while preventing long-term damage to the Postal Service. As written, S. 1789 would strengthen current service standards, and save jobs facilities.
    Support S. 1789 ! for APWU and NALC supported Early Out Incentives.
    S. 1789 is a job-saver: President Rolando has approved the Senate’s postal bill. “S. 1789 would enable union members to retire with dignity, in May 2012 ,and also save our nation’s Postal Service,” Rolando said in a statement.
    H.R. 2309 would save the USPS: the bi-partisan postal reform bill would enhance the USPS rather than dismantle it.

  5. “Ben Dover” is another “waste your time reading their shit” TROLL.
    A shame that these folks with little brains don’t realize that if they took a little time to exercise what little grey matter they have, they might come up with an intelligent contribution to the conversation here.

    “Tom Varnes” supposedly from “Buffalo,NY” apparently is a scab who doesn’t like ANYTHING about the Postal Service….just two questions “Ted”….do you have anything positive to say about ANYTHING and WHY DON’T YOU QUIT??? There are probably millions of NON UNION JOBS WITH NO “DUES” that a man of YOUR ADVANCED SKILLS could slip right in to….hell, you could move to a NICE RIGHT TO WORK STATE like Alabama or Mississippi….I’ll even send you a saw buck to help you fill your gas tank….

  6. mail is delayed daily, notice your magazines, and it will get worse, so now there will be preferential treatment to the pigs who serve us, the elected officials (pigs)
    that election mail will go ahead of your monthly check, starve the people, get out the mail for the corrupt pigs !

  7. Damn! Can the guy get his freaking story straight? First he says he wants to change the delivery standards of the mail (no more overnight service for the first class mail) but then he says that he’s sure that there will be timely delivery! First he says he wants to cut the workforce (the ones who actually process and deliver the mail, not the ones sitting around on their butts), then he says he’s sure there will be dependable service. This guy is nuts, he’s out of his mind. We need to get rid of him and get an HONEST and dedicated individual who actually cares about the mail delivery and the citizens of the United States they serve. ‘Nuff said.

  8. Deal, after deal after deal. Then the aftermath. What a f##led up mess.
    Montey Hall could make a better deal than the PMG.
    Curtains 1, 2, or 3.

  9. I guess since they are closing so many disribution centers they will be using the funds from the raise in postal rates to rent some storage. So next year you may find the mails featured on Storage Wars

  10. The hell with bills, medicine and anything else that may be important.

    We need to be sure election mail goes through.

  11. Ben Dover, the USPS is certainly NOT responsible for phony ballots. They are checked by the people that count the ballots. There is no way for the USPS to know if someone is a registered voter. Your lack of understanding basic principles such as this indicate that you are a Republican 🙂

  12. Please stop the insanity. A public service that is so important for the election, what about the rest of the year. PMG speaks with forked tongue. Beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mismanagement and over funding, and the dues hungry Unions = downfall of USPS, lies and more lies, the USPS already uses the Inspectors and OIG, Office of Inspector General to set up craft employees, two sets of rules, just like the IRS, a Gestapo mentality, offering a decent early retirement/ Incentives would be one way to escape the deteriorating work places in the USPS, the work environment has always been about management inflating numbers, lying about getting mail out when it is stacked somewhere or sent back to be reprocessed, and using threats (OIG, Inspection Service, intimidation, following craft workers off the job etc.) and abusive tactics for managers to get their bonuses, always a daily fight for us workers to survive, yes it is a daily war to get you the customer your mail, end this monopoly now !

  14. We cannot even get the first class mail out, we processed numerous election mails
    well after the elections last time, the USPS is an abusive , hostile workplace, end our misery, give us the early outs !
    The Unions care about dues not the suffering of the members nor the customers !

  15. Ever notice when you say the word “poop” your mouth makes the same shape as when you take a real poop, that’s what the Pmg reminds me of when he speaks.

  16. Why would it be delayed, after all I just received my black friday adverts. So what happens if 3 weeks after a close election thousands of ballots are found sitting at one of these retail stores?

  17. In other words, no matter how many offices close, the USPS will continue to perpetuate voter fraud by allowing illegal aliens, the dead and felons, to cast ballots by mail and keep Democrats in power. Chicago style.

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