NAPUS: Senate to Vote on Public Service Pension Tax On Friday


Originally, the House was planning to vote on HR 3813 tomorrow; however, late this afternoon it was announced that consideration has been delayed until after the Presidents’ Day Recess.

It now appears likely that the Senate will take up a broad must-pass bill social security payroll tax bill, which includes a section to increase employee Federal Employees Retirement (FERS) and Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) contributions by 1.5% over the next three years. The revenue generated from the increased postal and federal employee contributions would be used to pay for an extension of unemployment insurance benefits that is included in the bill.

  • NAPUS members should immediately call the Capitol Hill office of their Senators to OPPOSE using an increase in CSRS and FERS contributions to offset the cost of extending unemployment insurance benefits. The Senate plans to bring this bill to the floor on Friday, February 17.

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16 thoughts on “NAPUS: Senate to Vote on Public Service Pension Tax On Friday

  1. As to Ruby, your not a bad person but u can’t blame this all on republicans. The democratic president and democratic controlled senate passed this law with these provisions also. None on your or our side. Even the “Change” president. Same ol Same ol.

  2. It’s over, almost all GOP reps, more than half DEM reps and soon the dem president of the US F*#ked the federal workers including postal workers. Keep voting these old school politicians into office. I know for myself i’m voting for anybody but the incumbent. Preferebly any one but REP or DEM. All in the name of extending unemployment benefits for people not working. Of course the corporations that made them unemployed do not contribute.

  3. you all lose the point, the savings pay for UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, 99 weeks baby, now once they fire you, you can thank the administration for your 99 weeks of unemployment checks…how bout, 36 wks of benefits, get off you lazy a$$e$, find a job within 9 months, tired of paying for you.

  4. This is just like the republicans, taking the monkey off of their backs and putting it on the middle class working americans! Why don’t you wealthy congressmen and other 1 per cnters, annie up and pay your part of the taxes to support the americans that presently receive unemployment checks! Why put it on the backs of the working class who are struggling to make it and keep thier jobs! Do our President even care what happens to the Postal Service!

  5. How about all you lazy A** 30+ year, light duty a**holes, who haven’t saved for retirement suck it up and leave already all you do is b*tch and moan. Move on already and shut the f up!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Just offer me a early retirement, i bet you won’t have to offer it but ONE time. I’m so sick of all the insanity and arrogant MPOOS. They and all the people who are getting paid to monitor how much paper is in my machine, or how many times I open my drawer! Please, there isn’t enough money in every PO around here for me to go to jail for.!!! Just get me outta this place.30 yrs, and 52 yrs of age. and i didn’t get to be in CSRS!!

  7. I have 28 years in under FERS and am 55 years old. If they offer the $25,000 and three more years for my FERS towards retirement i,m gone December 25th, 2012 (or earlier if needed). I will make do with what I get and hopefully still get the kicker.

  8. I have 28 years in under FERSand am 55 years old. If they offer the $25,000 and three more years for my FERS towards retirement i,m gone December 25th, 2012 (or earlier if needed). I will make do with what I get and hopefully still get the kicker.

  9. This is growing into a major disaster! Whose in charge around here anymore, I dont know. But it looks like we are all headed down the toilet.

  10. F*** all those F***ing S.O.B.s in the Senate and the House.Using our promised FERS retirement money to fund every F***ing thing under the sun to make them look good.Stealing our F***ing money.F*** them.The F***ing S*** is about to hit the F***ing fan.

  11. USPS Plans to Implement Consolidations As Soon As Moratorium Ends

    Top-level postal managers were unable – or unwilling – to specify which mail processing centers would be closed immediately. Decisions will be made at the end of February, they said.
    Postal officials said that as a result of the consolidations, approximately 83,000 jobs will be eliminated in the crafts represented by the APWU, including more than 63,800 Clerks, close to 9,000 Maintenance Craft employees, and more than 1,800 Motor Vehicle Craft employees.

    The Incentives;
    1. 25,000 cash.
    2. 3 years added on to your FERS retirement
    3. 2 years added on to your CSRS retirement.
    “This announcement makes it all the more important that APWU members reach out to their senators to let them know that S. 1789 as amended,” must be passed now said Guffey.
    Call Your Senators:
    (Capitol Switchboard)
    [Click here for direct #s]

    Tell them you Support
    S. 1789
    The U.S. Senate soon will likely debate the 21st Century Postal Reform Act (S. 1789), bill designed to ‘save” the U.S. Postal Service by offering Early Retirement Incentives.
    As president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, I understand the budgetary and market challenges facing the USPS. However, these issues don’t result from an outdated organization.
    S. 1789 should not be dramatically restructured, it will save America’s postal network. It will assure the survival of a venerable institution based on the Constitution, Instead of enacting shortsighted, destructive policies, Congress should approve this bill ,S.1789.
    Fredric V. Rolando is the president of the National Association of Letter Carriers

    NAPUS will continue to work with Senate allies to pass S. 1789, and ensure that the measure will garner the requisite votes for passage.

  12. They’ve been doing this sh*t to us since Reagan. Easy prey. And no one cares because we’re spoiled rich federal employees.

  13. Just more smoke and mirrors to appease the super wealthy and exploit the middle class. How about eliminating the tax loop hole for carried interest,corporate jets, and 100,000,000 trust funds like Mitt willard flip flop romney exploits.

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