USPS seeks excess IMDAS scanners

The Postal Service wants its excess Intelligent Mail Data Acquisition System (IMDAS) scanners back, and it’s willing to reward offices which return them.

The Materials Distribution Center in Topeka, KS, will give a $360 credit to offices for each returned scanner.

IMDAS scanners are used by letter and rural carriers to scan mail pieces. Records show there are excess scanners in the Postal Service’s network, creating a shortage at the Critical Parts Center (CPC).

USPS could fix more broken IMDAS scanners as they’re returned to the CPC, but only if it has enough returned parts. Also, with extra parts on-hand at CPC, many offices would not have to wait as long to get a repaired unit.

source: USPS News Link

2 thoughts on “USPS seeks excess IMDAS scanners

  1. Why do they need scanners they are only used to create more management positions,and to make your msp labels. delivering 1st class mail is secondary to hitting all your msp labels and give management something else to complain about Even if you hit all your msp labels but they all don`t register you have no proof that you did your job.Yhanks useless unions

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