Alabama community finally gets mail service

An industrial area near Mobile, AL, now has something it’s never had before — mail service.

Pinto Island, home to shipbuilder Austal USA and other manufacturers, is located across the Mobile River from the city of Mobile. Until now, it’s been the most industrialized area in the lower 48 states without mail service. That ended when Mobile, AL, Letter Carrier Alan Green made the Postal Service’s first delivery to the island last September.

Postmaster Veronica Johnson, U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), and officials from Austal USA worked together to make mail service a reality. To celebrate the first day of mail delivery, the Mobile Police Department escorted Green and his vehicle to the island, where he was greeted by manufacturing employees, postal officials, congressional representatives, and reporters.

The island is home to some of Mobile’s largest employers, including Austal USA, which opened its shipyard in 2001 and began pursuing postal delivery on the island. Before September, the company had a PO Box in Mobile and paid a courier to bring mail to the shipyard.

Now manufacturers no longer worry about critical, time-sensitive documents on bids and pricing being received on time. Also, since most GPS systems rely on postal information, customers find it easier to navigate now that mail delivery officially has come to Pinto Island.

source: USPS News Link