USPS: Labor Contract Negotiations with Two Major Unions Reach Impasse

WASHINGTON — Separate contract negotiations with the National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO (NALC) and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, AFL-CIO (NPMHU) have come to an impasse. Under the statutory procedures that apply to postal labor negotiations, if both sides agree, the parties may first engage in mediation and, if unsuccessful, go to interest arbitration. The parties currently are discussing how they will proceed.

Contracts with both unions expired at midnight, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011. All parties agreed to extend negotiations until midnight, Dec. 16, 2011, and again until Jan. 20, 2012. The existing contracts will be followed until terms of a new contract are resolved.

The NALC represents nearly 196,000 employees who work as letter carriers delivering mail primarily in urban areas. The NPMHU represents more than 46,000 employees who work in mail processing plants and Post Offices. Respectively, wages and benefits for NALC- and NPMHU-represented employees exceeded $15.7 billion and $3.5 billion last year.

Unlike the private sector, when negotiations fail, postal employees are not permitted to strike as Congress has designated the Postal Service as an essential service to the nation. An arbitrator determines the final outcome and is not legally required to consider the Postal Service’s financial obligations when rendering a decision.

29 thoughts on “USPS: Labor Contract Negotiations with Two Major Unions Reach Impasse

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  3. All the far right does is blame everyone else and can’t come up with any ideas except war and evading taxes. You will see that in 2012 when all the politicians that the Koch brothers bought and paid for are recalled or replaced. Just look at the 10 states with the highest unemployment they are the states with the lowest corporate taxes. So much for the rich creating jobs. We all blame the republicans 100% since 2000 and Reagan for outsourcing all our good middle class jobs. Privatizing will not save our country it will destroy our middle class. As long as we have people like “Amazed” blindly following the republican tea bagger beliefs that the government is our enemy the longer we will be in this mess.

  4. With the current anti-union sentiment gripping the country presently, does this come as a surprise? Keep voting Republican and join the Tea Party at the urging of the “billionaire” Koch brothers, they have (your back)! If you punch a clock and carry a lunch pail and still vote conservative, you got to be a flat liner, mouth breathing, slack jawed idiot.

  5. Management in the USPS just negotiated with themselves and awarded their salaries with a 6.5% pay increase. The majority in management are now whining that it’s not enough and deserve more. Not including their bonuses and perks. It’s time to shake off the blood sucking leaches so the post office can heal. FIRE ALL MANAGEMENT BEFORE THEY SELL US ALL OUT TO THE PRIVATIZING VULTURES!!!

  6. . This is what we are faced with every day. Now let’s do the math. Say the average pay for the 110,000 managers nationwide is $65,000. This is $7150000000. 7 BILLION 150 Million DOLLORS a year. Donabloe says we are losing 8 billion and have to lay off 220,000 workers. The OIG and postal inspectors work for management and target mainly the workers. They are fully aware this is going on but do nothing. $65,000 is a low average not including the bonuses and perks they give themselves. This figure could easily be beyond 15 billion. FIRE THEM ALL OR AT LEAST SOMEONE INVESTIGATE IT, PLEASE!!! We just want to work and make it to retirement.

  7. Get this. The station manager was given his job at international station in Seattle Washington by his parents who both where high level EAS managers in Denver. This was his 1st job in the post office. Normally you have 20 years or more before you make it to this level. The father retired and the mother gave him a subcontracted outsourced job for the USPS. While getting a postal pension he is a civilian contractor doing mystery shopper surveys for his son’s station. You don’t have to guess who got the most bonuses in Seattle. I say fire every single person that doesn’t work or support the mail stream. The savings from not having to do collective bargaining with these inbred thieves will pay for 3 more window clerks in every station nationwide. No more lines!!!

  8. I once had a station manager, I mean CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER, (DID ANYONE NOTICE THEY CHANGED THEIR TITLE TO CLAIM THEY ELIMENATED MANAGERS?) that told me he deserves CEO pay for what he does.
    Then i asked him what he does. Then after a long pause he said “a lot”. They are not even smart enough to come back with an answer for what he does. And they want to run our healthcare now as well. God help us!!

  9. Here is proof management is INSANE! Here in Seattle the routes downtown are all foot routes. Just last week management began converting high-rise buildings downtown into a park and loop route. So converting walking routes and using 44 more postal trucks is a money saving idea. These routes went from 8 hour routes to 12 hour routes overnight. To top it off there is zero parking downtown. So management orders us to park illegally and bring the tickets back for him to pay. This will eat up his $5000 bonus in about a month. We have news for him that 2 carriers that were forced into retirement now work for the city in parking enforcement. To top it off, a clerk complained to management and tried to file a grievance. Weeks later she showed up as a 204b in management training at a different station in Seattle. A month later she transferred to California and is most likely finding jobs for her relatives there by now. This is what we are faced with every day.

  10. Yeah……….. I’m gonna say that this ‘Amazed’ creature is either a Walmart employee or works the Taco Bell drive-thru. He actually typed ‘American people has a say..’. Funny, though as he says he both hangs out with and despises postal employees- come to think of it, maybe he’s a Palin.

  11. Go UPS and Fedex? Yea go sort and deliver to every house in America.

    Amazed…. loser this… anyone and everyone who works in the PO knows management is abusive.

    “all of your management is from your craft and unions.”

    Yea….you sound like the bastard from one of these union, your papa was a supervisor and you mama a casual.

    Before you open your pie hole you might want to think twice whats coming in before you start bashing postal workers loser.

  12. Carriers can’t strike, but htey can call sick. What if they all call sick for a week, providing medical documentation? Let say… headache, diarrea, back pain and so on…Why the unon don’t make the call? Lert see if the sueprvisors and post masters will deliver the routes, let’s see if they can meake it back in 8. Union, come’ on make the call!!!!

  13. Hey Amazed, you tell us that all your family ex postal workers can’t stop running their pie holes of all the “stories they tell”; then say you run into workers that do nothing but complain…Why not tell your family to quit complaining too????hugh????

  14. Did anyone think that the NALC and management were going to come to an agreement? Management is just going thru the motions and the union is doing the same. Should have sent the whole thing to an arbitrator from the git go. All this is a waste of time, could of had a contract by now if they just went strait to arbitration. nuf said.

  15. AMAZED how some can’t spell and quick to toss stones.
    YOU’RE amazing, or is it “YOUR mumma wears combat boots.”

  16. Again, us postal workers never seemed to amaze me. The biggest losers and welfare jobs in our country. You so called union people couldn’t run anything. You postal people always bashing your management but, all of your management is from your craft and unions. I wonder if the average American kwows it’s the inmates running the Inmates., your all losers. my brother and friend retired as a mailhalder and the other was a carrier. OMG, the stories they tell about there fellow craft workers is beyond me. Stop being the losers you are and look at yourself before you keep pointing your finger at management! I can’t wait till the American people has a say about you postal workers. Go UPS and Fedex. Wow, I’d be ashamed to be a postal worker. I meet one the other day, all he did was complain and bad mouth everything….LOSERSssssssss

  17. HELLO? Car 54 enufisenuf where are you?

    What… now your at an Impasse?

    I dont have all day enufisenuf…Fat Postal Boy Dohoe or Scott Walker.

    I mean how much slower can a enufisenuf go?

    I give up

    The arbitrator determines the final outcome and is not legally required to consider the Postal Service’s financial obligations when rendering a decision.

    TO BE.

  18. Unhappy with APWU? Unhappy with the contract? Unhappy with the level of representation you’re getting? Unhappy with loss of 40 hour jobs?

    OCCUPY APWU at the 2012 Convention in Los Angeles (August 20-24) at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel (404 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA)


    Shut up and keeping paying dem dues! And, by the way…stay in line all you lemmings!

  19. Oh thats an old one enufisepuff… how much slower can a carrier go?

    Answer… go look in the supervisors office.


  21. Create a new t6 position for daily operations and have the 6 most senior carriers switch off every day. This way we will be managed by our peers and not make work inbred micro- managers. The current management scam has no accountability and think the postal service needs them. WE DON’T! The other crafts can do the same.
    Eliminate 110,000 managers equals 7 billion 150 million dollars in savings. Create 10k new t6’s to replace management costs only 500 million. It can be done. This is what our union should be pushing for. Then we won’t have to negotiate with a middle man like we are with management. It will be with an arbitrator. It goes to arbitration every contract anyway.

  22. Make the management craft a non-supervisory craft that will manage to improve customer service and improve sales and increase revenue. Make them work for their jobs and maybe they will have more respect for the crafts that actually do work. . The plant manager that sent the clerks to their deaths in the anthrax attack was recently promoted to 1 of the 47 high level VP positions under Donahoe. FIRE ALL POSITIONS THAT DON”T WORK THE MAIL! Let the crafts manage themselves. Make management increase the postal revenue and increase customer service for their salaries. Make the managers that violate the union contracts that they agreed to deduct the fines directly from their salaries. Then there will be no more violations of binding arbitration. It’s the only fix to save our postal service. MAKE MANAGEMENT WORK NOT BULLY FOR BONUSES!

  23. There is only one fix for this sky is falling scam implemented by management. A nationwide lock-out of every inbred weasel manager that slithers to work every day to pretend that they actually do or micro-manage anything. The 6 most senior WORKERS would rotate daily operations at plants and stations Monday to Saturday. Every postal worker needs to put the spotlight on our real enemy which is postal management. Here is a simple math problem. “If you lined up the 6 foot desks of the 110,000 management slots in a line. How long would it be?” Answer: 125 miles. I say send those desk jockeys to line the California/ Mexico border and deduct their worthless salaries from the PO and drop a dime off of a stamp. One, it won’t affect the mail stream at all and 2 management is only good at taking workers jobs away. So line them all up on our southern borders to keep the illegals from taking away American jobs. 2 birds 1 stone.

  24. Union bosses main concern is for their own welfare. Maintain numbers to keep dues comming in to pay their salaries. The outcome of the USPS to maintain existence is secondary as the point is argued that it is a semi government agency to provide service regardless of the cost. Cost effective operation to reduce cost due to declining mail volume resulting in loss of revenue has no revealance as it would take an act of congress to reduces provided services no longer in demand by the American public means nothing. Should constitutional amendments be necessary to create cost effective operations congress should quit playing politics
    and do what is necessary to reach a break even bottomline.
    Managements tiers from local officies through headquarters must be realigned to reduce cost. Management unions have the same agenda as craft
    unions and that is to preserve employees to preserve dues and pressue politicans to lobby for their cause.

  25. Ax lon ax i get mes check on timees eyes ain’t got a probolem. Ain’t werkd a daze inn mye live an eyes likke ite day wayze.

  26. Me thinks a slowdown and blue flu in the offing. But then again, how much slower can a carrier go?

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