USPS To Delay Post Office Closings for 5 Months

USPS statement

The U.S. Postal Service, in response to a request made by multiple U.S. Senators, has agreed to delay the closing or consolidation of any Post Office or mail processing facility until May 15, 2012. The Postal Service will continue all necessary steps required for the review of these facilities during the interim period, including public input meetings. The Postal Service hopes this period will help facilitate the enactment of comprehensive postal legislation. Given the Postal Service’s financial situation and the loss of mail volume, the Postal Service must continue to take all steps necessary to reduce costs and increase revenue.

10 thoughts on “USPS To Delay Post Office Closings for 5 Months

  1. Greed of the unions and the leadership that is ineffective at stopping the greed is USPS greatest fault. 80% of the budget goes towards employee pay and benefits. No company can run on those margins. Fedex and UPS make billions. Make the USPS more like their business model and you might have a self sustaining operation that turns a profit

  2. Why has it taken Congress so long to try & now save the POST OFFICE? This crisis has been looming for years now–its nothing new about the PO problems. They have know about this situation for some time. Could it be election year is coming up & people in their districts that elect them may not reelect them. People are upset about closings & the inconvience it will cause in rual areas. Lots of mis imformation is floating around out there & thats causing problems also. I hope they get this worked out soon–and the sooner the better. I hear Postal workers say they don’t know from one day til the next what their situation is __& that kinda makes for bad working conditions–the uncertainty!!

  3. Damn, I was just getting everything ready to move. I wish they would get it together and make a decision! I have been with the Postal Service for 16 years and would like to know exactly what is going to happen to myself and fellow employees. Congress needs to stop the Postmaster General from going through with his idiotic plan of destroying the USPS. His proposals make absolutely no sense. There is no way his plan will work. He is putting more nails in our coffin. Americans have built and used the USPS for over 40 years. They like the service and want to keep the current system. Most rural communities depend on the USPS for their connection to the rest of the world. SAVE our Service!

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