Postal Supervisors Not Happy About USPS Pay Package

NAPS Response to Pay Package FY 2011-2015

Today we received the Postal Service’s final offer for our Pay Consultations for the next 4.5 years. We have attached a copy for your review and to share with your members. NAPS is meeting with our attorneys to proceed to Fact Finding as outlined in Title 39, USC Section 2004. Please go

Although the Postal Service’s current financial condition would lend itself to belt-tightening by everyone in the Postal Service, our organization cannot agree with the pay proposals that have been offered in light of the efforts that our members have given in managing operations and supporting the overall service goals and mission of the Postal Service. NAPS also proposed many other provisions beyond pay and benefits that were not addressed by the Postal Service. We intend to exhaust all remedies to ensure that we reach a fair and equitable pay package.

In accordance with Title 39, Section 2004 (e)

“(1) The Postal Service shall, within 45 days of each date on which an agreement is reached on a collective bargaining agreement between the Postal Service and the bargaining representative recognized under section 1203 of this title which represents the largest number of employees, make a proposal for any changes in pay policies and schedules and fringe benefit programs for members of the supervisors’ organization which are to be in effect during the same period as covered by such agreement.

(2) The Postal Service and the supervisors’ organization shall strive to resolve any differences concerning the proposal described in paragraph (1) of this subsection under the procedures provided for, or adopted under, subsection (d) of this section.

(3) The Postal Service shall provide its decision concerning changes proposed under paragraph (1)of this subsection to the supervisors’ organization within 90 days following the submission of the proposal.


(1) If, notwithstanding the mutual efforts required by subsection (e) of this section, the supervisors’ organization believes that the decision of the Postal Service is not in accordance with the provisions of this title, the organization may, within 10 days following its receipt of such decision, request the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service to convene a fact-finding panel (hereinafter referred to as the “panel”) concerning such matter.

(2) Within 15 days after receiving a request under paragraph (1) of this subsection, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service shall provide a list of 7 individuals recognized as experts in supervisory and managerial pay policies. Each party shall designate one individual from the list to serve on the panel. If, within 10 days after the list is provided, either of the parties has not designated an individual from the list, the Director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service shall make the designation. The first two individuals designated from the list shall meet within 5 days and shall designate a third individual from the list. The third individual shall chair the panel. If the two individuals designated from the list are unable to designate a third individual within 5 days after their first meeting, the Director shall designate the third individual.


(A) The panel shall recommend standards for pay policies and schedules and fringe benefit programs affecting the members of the supervisors’ organization for the period covered by the collective bargaining agreement specified in subsection (e)(1) of this section. The standards shall be consistent with the policies of this title, including sections 1003 (a) and 1004 (a) of this title.

(B) The panel shall, consistent with such standards, make appropriate recommendations concerning the differences between the parties on such policies, schedules, and programs.

(4) The panel shall make its recommendation no more than 30 days after its appointment, unless the Postal Service and the supervisors’ organization agree to a longer period. The panel shall hear from the Postal Service and the supervisors’ organization in such a manner as it shall direct. The cost of the panel shall be borne equally by the Postal Service and the supervisors’ organization.

(5) Not more than 15 days after the panel has made its recommendation, the Postal Service shall provide the supervisors’ organization its final decision on the matters covered by fact finding under this subsection. The Postal Service shall give full and fair consideration to the panel’s recommendation and shall explain in writing any differences between its final decision and the panel’s recommendation”.

It is now NAPS’ intention to move forward within the provisions of the law and request that Fact Finding be initiated for the first time in the history of this organization. The resident officers appreciate the support and feedback that we have had on this matter and will provide updates as the process of Fact Finding unfolds.

National Association of Postal Supervisors


9 thoughts on “Postal Supervisors Not Happy About USPS Pay Package

  1. These useless sh*theads don’t deserve what they are getting now. Every one I’ve ever worked with were complete lazy f**ks. They went into “management” so they could f**k off all day. F**k all of them.

  2. Had a post master several years ago that came in around 9:30, would take 1 1/2 hour lunch break, and head home at 2:45…took alot of “stress leave” also. Supervisor would come in at 8, or so…reports had to be sent in by 8:30….she’d stay until 4:30. They should have combined both jobs and got rid of one position….But I dream about utopia there, not reality!

  3. My unit has 14 clerks. We also have 2 supervisors, 1 other EAS employee and a manager.Too many chiefs for only 14 indians if you ask me. Oh their pay is being freezed…wahaaaa. Put down your pens, go back to craft and actually do some work for a change!

  4. Amen to Anthony … All of our supervisors , including the ” Plant Manager ” were the laziest clerks going . And now they want some respect . They couldnt manage a popcorn factory .

  5. Boo-hoo! “I’m not happy with my salary package”. Go f..k yourselves. Why should us bargaining unit employees have to carry the weight of the postal service, at least it feels like it, while you management idiots do nothing for 75% of your day? Forgive me if I couldn’t care any less. To be honest, this article actually made me laugh

  6. my supervisor unlocks the front door after yelling at the window clerks “it’s time let’s go” then he puts the keys away and goes to the bank for change then after he gives the window clerks change he goes home for lunch for three hours and then he returns and locks the doors………90,000. are you kidding me.

  7. Number one problem with the USPS is the fact that there are way to many supervisors and mgmt. employees (notice I didn’t say workers….).

    Until their bloated numbers are trimmed dramatically, nothing will change. And I mean actually trimmed; not the usual USPS way of saying they’ve reduced jobs, but in reality, just changed titles, etc. while have the same number of useless mgmt.

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