Video: Pennsylvania postal workers protest USPS reductions

CLIFTON HEIGHTS — Employees from a local U.S. post office set up shop outside of Acme Sunday in an effort to raise awareness about issues facing the financially strapped business.

The employees from the Clifton Heights post office said they are concerned about a potential reduction of a workweek from six days to five days. They are also worried about the reduction of a 40-hour workweek to a 30-hour workweek.

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One thought on “Video: Pennsylvania postal workers protest USPS reductions

  1. and at the next meeting please inform the public about the pay-for-performance bonus money paid out to management by management while they publically tell the public they are on the brink of insolvency and need to close their local post office. ending sept 2010 the post office claimed losses of $20 billion dollars
    the previous 4 fiscal years. each one of these horrendous years the post office paid out bonus money to supervisors and above (about 60,000 of them) who
    postal management said hit their goals and were entitled to bonus money. huh? what credible business pays out bonus money to their managers at the same time they are telling congress and the public they are on the brink of insolvency? wallstreet is the only place i can think of. please tell your family, friends, neighbors and anyone else that will listen about the “bonus-gate” scheme that is going on within the united states post office. eventually, the public will become informed and their outrage may lead to some accountability from postal management. oh, by the way, postal officials are afraid of this information getting out to the public, so much so that they went to court to plead their case for keeping this bonus information a secret and not releasing any details.

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