USPS Board Of Governors Agenda Set For November 15th Meeting

WASHINGTON — The Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service will meet Nov. 15 in open session at Postal Service headquarters, 475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW. The public is welcome to observe the meeting beginning at 1:30 p.m. in the Ben Franklin Room on the 11th floor. The Board is expected to discuss the following items:

  1.  Approval of minutes of previous meetings
  2.  Remarks of the Chairman of the Board
  3.  Remarks of the Postmaster General and CEO
  4.  Committee reports
  5.  Consideration of Fiscal Year 2011 10-K, Financial Statements, Annual Report, Comprehensive Statement and Annual Performance Plan
  6.  Consideration of Fiscal Year 2012 Integrated Financial Plan
  7.  Consideration of Final Fiscal Year 2013 Appropriation Request
  8.  Quarterly report on service performance
  9.  Tentative agenda for Dec. 13 meeting in Washington, DC
  10.  Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors

Open session meetings of the Board of Governors are available on live audio webcasts at Three hours after the conclusion of the open session meeting, a recorded audio file will be available for listening. In compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the audio webcast will be open-captioned.

CFO Briefing
Following the Board’s open meeting on Nov. 15, Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett will host a telephone/web conference call to discuss the financial results in more detail. The call will begin at 4 p.m. ET and is open to the news media and all other interested parties.

To attend by phone with audio only, dial 866-567-8049 (Meeting ID: 7411388).

To attend the web conference and join with audio:

  1. 1. Browse to
  2. 2. After the MeetingPlace window is open, click the Phone icon (under the Participant List or in the upper right-hand corner).
  3. 3. Click Connect Me, validate or update your phone number and click Connect Me again.
  4. 4. When the system calls you press 1 to join.

The briefing will also be available on live audio webcast (listen only) at:

9 thoughts on “USPS Board Of Governors Agenda Set For November 15th Meeting

  1. the $25 k buyout is NOT enough… this has to last 30 years……
    if they add 3 years to the monetary incentive, i believe they will get 100k to leave…

    also, i do believe that 5 day delivery is the way to go, in today’s economic climate.

  2. If you get 25k/1-2 years, you will be lucky. Donahue doesn’t like giving craft more than management(20k). So I, think it will be 15k. Either way, I’m surprised no one seen this coming and saved/put away for retirement. Good Luck Suckas.

  3. VISIT saveamericaspostalservice……See how you can help

    USPS has been able to develop cost-effective network of last mile delivery that reaches every corner of the nation…Today we hear very little about the Postal Service last mile capabilities…
    Today all the discussions are how to dismantle the Postal Service…. WHY?
    There are so many postal workers that have retired and many baby boomers approaching retirement, I do think the Federal funds are avail to payout WHY?
    So dismantle the USPS . Over 1million workers will lose the retirement package they worked 30 years or more for…

  4. Everyone that supports ending Saturday delivery or curb side deliveries please ask your office to give you an opt out of the NALC form, so that they start getting the point by the shear number of request that will be received.

  5. I have worked for the postal service for over 30 years, I have work long hours and work many holidays to delivery the mail for millions of people. I made sure your mail has move thorough my office, I have worked for years to someday enjoy my
    retirement as most of you have done. I have gone to work in snow, bad storms,
    and when others were sleeping. People have ask me on weekends and holidays
    where you going, I reply to work. Most would tell me they didn’t know the post office was open, as most don’t know even if the window service or carrier isn’t
    there for you to see the mail is still being worked. I have seen many great things
    at my work and many bad things. I wonder why in all these reports and plans for saving the post office not one empoyee who touch the mail has been ask about how to save the mail service. I seen mangement, busniess, politicans, and even
    panels of experts but not one has said anything about problems I seen in my years with the postal service. Also I would like to say that the plan to get us older employees to leave will not work , most who are still working are working because lose 2% each year we retire before 40 + years, we are working to reach our 80% of high three basic average. I am not sure what the politicans pensions are,but I am willing to bet it is better than most american’s including a post worker. We all know that most manager’s pensions are higher than the workers, I need not go into the CEO and managers in most business not govermental. I know I sound like just another pissed off little guy but I do believe we are the one that helped them make all that good money. Also believe that not all the facts are out there for the average person to see, it just another tell the people what you want them to hear not the whole picture.

  6. I need to meet with the Board of Governors for the USPS. After 22 years as a letter carrier in Belleville, NJ, I was wrongly terminated. I reported my manager, Kenneth Benaquista, of Belleville, NJ, extorted $700 from Bill Tinger, a younger and less experienced co-worker. Benaquista also committed other improprieties. The crooked manager was forced to retire. He has been collecting about $3,500 per month as a pension for the past 10 years. My job and my pension were stolen from me as management falsified documents pertaining to my work performance. I have the documents to prove my allegations.

    Joseph A. Della Ferra
    Belleville, NJ

  7. They plan on forcing us out, offering 1 year , is a joke ,in this current market we all need every dime to just pay monthly expences. 1 year and 25000 joke they know we wont take it close plants put 40 hr people on tour one 50 miles from home we still won;t go. 100000 to get us all out will take 12 year and no cash do it u idiots bean couters know this just friggen do it congress don’t know dic about the postal worker we hate our wifes and will work till we are 80 years old before we leave ourr job, its our life idiots after this offer even the no life people with 41 years in won’t take this its an insult I love going in and i have 29 years in. i have no friends and my wife tortues me when i get home. I work nights just to be away from her 1 year im laughing right now congress does’t have a clue whats going on

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