Oakland: USPS Changes to Positions Held by Postal Employees Over 40 May Be Age Discrimination

The following is a message sent out to Postal Employees by APWU Oakland (California) Local #78 regarding Non-Traditional full-time (NTFT) duty assignments.


It appears that the October 26, 2011, reposting of the manual units’ traditional duty assignments as non-traditional full-time (NTFT) duty assignments is a ploy by management to frighten , intimidate, harass and coerce the senior employees who presently hold bid assignments in the manual units into bidding on the NTFT assignments to avoid being assigned
to an automation unit where the most physically challenging work is performed. This would be a constructive change to a part-time regular and a reduction in pay and benefits for the senior employees who successfully bid on these assignments out of fear of not being allowed to continue to work in a manual unit if they opted not to bid.

Accordingly, if you presently hold a manual unit duty assignment that is being reposted as a NTFT assignment, the APWU encourage you to file a grievance within 14 days of the posting and an EEO complaint within 45 days of the posting alleging age discrimination.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, contact your steward.

Fredric Jacobs

6 thoughts on “Oakland: USPS Changes to Positions Held by Postal Employees Over 40 May Be Age Discrimination

  1. Understanding the EEO legal process is imperative, nothing like the CBA

    greviance process. After several years as a union officer I’ve developed a disdain

    for the common unethical behavior of union officials although I continue paying

    dues in support of orgainized labor. EEO is really your only defense against

    unlawful discriminatory conduct and the union will not put the effort into it. I began

    representing claims 2 years ago when the USPS started their plan to force out

    retirement eligibles and make room for a new workforce under the new CBA

    conditions. Issa, as well as other sources have been providing supporting

    evidence during that time.This did not just suddenly occur. I’m currently

    representing five individual local claims on the subject and can’t believe someone

    has not started class complaints. Incidently lawyers are not interested in filing a

    claim and actually seeing it through and don’t understand the USPS mentality so I

    would not recommend investing too much into representation.

  2. After 22 years as a letter carrier in Belleville, NJ, I was wrongfully terminated. I reported my manager, Kenneth Benaquista, of Belleville, NJ, extorted $700 from Bill Tinger, a younger and less experienced letter carrier who put a dent in his postal vehicle while driving. Eugene Romano, another co-worker, threatened to kill me on the workroom floor. Deborah Fortunato, my supervisor, restrained Romano. Fortunato, Stephen Sholander, Fortunato’s spouse who is a supervisor, and Benaquista enabled Romano to continue to work. Benaquista orderered me to go to the medical unit for an evaluation.

    Don’t expect the EEOC to deliver justice. Benaquista and Fortunato are retired. Romano is a shop steward for the NALC. I had my job and my pension stolen from me!

    Joseph A. Della Ferra Belleville, NJ

  3. If EAS keeps this up, the Justice Dep’t will be doing a perp walk on them, for RICO racketeering. They conspire to harass, bullying and intimidate to meet the ‘numbers’ for the “Pay-for-Performance” bonuses: therefore, they are making financial gain from criminal behavior (if the JD has any balls).

  4. If you file an EEO you might want to go to the Federal Times web site and click on the video at the right, AFGE wants justice from BOP. Listen to what Sandra Parr has to say about what some people who file an EEO have to go through.

    This stuff really goes on, if you dont think it does along with managements other tools to frighten, intimidate, harass and coerce people in the work place your really in for a big surprise, so just a heads up there.

    From what i see management does NOT like to follow article 3, the part about following rules laws and regs. i let them know this 🙂 but was told they can do want they want.

    How nice, i say to them? So all these rules laws and regs mean nothing? Well you know management has the right to miss manage. Another heads up.

    They are management and they will tell you, even brag about it, they have the right to miss manage? Well? they say they do anyway.

    Hell just look at our goverment and how they run our?….. or more like their country.

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