APWU Video: Fighting for Our Lives

A video of the union’s fight to save America’s Postal Service can be viewed online.

Fighting for Our Lives was first shown at the APWU All-Craft Conference.

It is available in DVD format for showing at union meetings and other events

Video of Union’s Fight to Save USPS Now Available

13 thoughts on “APWU Video: Fighting for Our Lives

  1. APWU COPA fund gave Congressman Darrel Issa, the most hated man in the Postal political arena, $5,000.00 during the 2010 election cycle.

    Keep dem dues coming bruthas and sistas!

  2. KC,

    Right on point but I would add…An entitlement mentality supported and defended by the APWU! Keep paying dem dues bruthas and sistas!

  3. Postal workers are stupid for thinking they can do $10 job for $14 plus all the benefits that other workers don’t enjoy. It also seems like no one has a clue as to how much less revenue the USPS has coming in as years ago. People are unwillling to be motivated as even to train new employees properly. and think its still okay to pace themselves to only run “their” zones until time to go home. Maintenance employees only do the bare minimum many days. Its like okay its jamming I don’t know why and just come to the machine when called for jam instead of investigating for as long as it takes to find the problem and fix it. Custodians do as little as possible to get through the day. to a point where they are totallly out of sight and out of mind. So many emplyees are extremely content with doing just enough to get by it’s out of control. It is so bad it’s like an entitlement mentality. I see so little sense of urgency on work that needs to be done.

  4. Congress needs to be investigating Bush Jr and Potter this this crap stared on his watch, Donahoe is just Potters (minime)!!!!!

  5. The biggest threats to APWU and its existence are early retirements! The biggest threats to APWU members are renegade stewards who enjoy superseniority and misuse of their dues money with one minute prime-time commercials playing to a public who really doesn’t give a good crap about getting mail on Saturdays.

    Keep paying dem dues! Keep taking dem 25 minute breaks and sleeping on the job! Keep faking dem injuries bruthas and sistas!

  6. The Mailing news in this country continues to escalate with “Occupy Wallstreet” like symptoms. There is so much unrest & I hope these peaceful protester get the results they are searching for.

  7. Anyone who wants or needs to help…..

    CONTRIBUTE TO COPA (committee on political action).

  8. Did you see Issa’s left eyebrow? He’s got a serious twitch when he lies. You’re out in one term, you freak.

  9. Impeach Darrell The Car Thief Issa and his sissy sidekick Ross…they are Traitors,and are anti-American…and imprison anyone siding with them…

  10. Thank you so much for continuing to fight for our jobs. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I am currently at the North Texas P&DC.

    God Bless You All,

    Kenneth Brooks

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