23 thoughts on “Video: The GOP’s War on the Postal Service Rages On

  1. Please stop all your bickering. I am a postal employee of 17 yrs and am 57. For the first time in my career I’ve been off sick for two wks on FMLA and have been through the downsizing and RIF that I’m sick of ALL of it. Because of poor management I’ve had my life in an upheaval and it has affected my family as well. The pittance of early retirement will be the only option here to get out of this dysfunctional organization. The salary and insurance is the only reason I continue. I am disappointed and fearful of where this country is headed especially under Obama. What a failure he has been. I’ve lost all faith in all civic leaders. They ate not looking out for you, me the USPS, or the country. I’m very afraid.

  2. Give a Serious consideration into giving buy-outs and incentives with all this 75billion….. What ever is left over recalculate the future retirement and health care fund…. I am sure that after you offer postal workers that qualifies for retirement serious incentives you’ll solve the retirement problems… Most of us can not live on just a retirement check…. I have too many bills to pay…. If you want me out, be serious and offer something decent…. I would be happy to leave!!!
    Just stop this LEGAL ROBBERY ON WORKERS…..

  3. What is being done with all that money that the postal service deposited….? Who is using it and Why?

  4. @Mark that’s what management and the corporate fascists want you to believe. Management has been asleep at the wheel since 1983. They are more concerned about increasing their ranks and their bogus bonus numbers. They can still give every delivery address an email address and recover some of what they lost. Only 51% of Americans have computers at home and of them only 47.5 have internet. There is still time for management to start printing hard copy email to the homes without access. NO JUNK MAIL OR SPAM ALLOWED! If you don’t believe me look at china that is in the process of doing this now. Again we are being passed up by the rest of the world. . Just look at the Netherlands last year when their postal service privatized. Now they have 3 different postal companies. 1 delivers 1 day a week, 1 2 days a week and the last 3 days a week to half as many stops and many places have no mail at all. We need action right now before it’s too late. Fire all management and let the crafts who work the mail manage our own peers. 7 billion 150 million a year for do nothing inbred micro-managers is insane MY FRIEND! I say fire everyone that doesn’t work the mail. Then we can even afford to drop a dime off of a stamp and deliver Sunday as well. It can be done!

  5. Stomper – That’s all you have?!?! Vote ’em out of office? How does that begin to address the fiscal problems at the USPS? I am an American too and former letter carrier and NALC member. Stop the madness. We cannot afford the luxury of six day a week delivery. The digital revolution left the Postal Service in the dust. Wake up my friend. The sooner you do the better.

  6. Democrat or Republican, there will never be an end to injustice or evil or corruption. ” If you see the oppression of the poor, or the violent perverting of judgment and justice in a country, marvel not at the matter, for HE that is higher than the highest regards it…” Have faith , what goes around comes around.

  7. To all the republicans that are supporting this evil person Darrel Issa,
    If you support evil then you are evil to,
    He is taking you down with him, with all his lies,
    You are putting the nail in your own coffin,
    (You know how wrong this is)
    And that’s a promise.
    All postal workers are Americans, and we are being treated like dogs,
    We have given most of our lives to the postal service, and now we have been
    Betrayed by Patrick Donahoe Darrel Issa and all his republican followers.

    To all postal workers, and Americans, vote all these evil people out of office,
    To put an end to this unjust and evil corruption.

  8. The cost structure of the USPS is such that action must be taken. Volume is declining resulting in revenue decline yet cost is constant. The demand for USPS services and products have declined and will continue to do so. Communication technological advancements in the 21st century left the USPS in the 20th century with declining need for its existence in being the communication connector for individual and businesses. Cost must be reduced to justify its existence as a semiquasi government agency. Small offices that are near larger offices and stations must be eliminated. Officies that only have retail and PO Box services within 3 miles of a level 22office has no justification to bear the expense of a Postmaster and a clerk. Districts must be monitored to insure such waste is eliminated. Today situations such as this exist. 6 day street delivery is a total waste employing use of 292,000 vehicles and carrier persnnel to deliver bulk business mail which serves no purpose in individual or business communication.
    Delivering bulk business mail from GEICO advertising saving 15% on automobile insurance does not impact any individuals life in a negative if delivered on Monday.
    The USPS was the primary means of communicating in the 20th century; it is now in an obsolete antique mode as the 21st century is the age of the INTERNET with instant messaging. Business is conducted on line and businesses encourage use of line processing. Social security checks, treasury checks must be set on direct deposit by 2013; more revenue loss. Management levels must be reduced from headquarters to local officies. Employees who have age and years of service should be retired; OPM should inform of retirement date and options available.
    Employees who have years but under age 55 should not be penalized 2% yr.. Employee roles must be reduced to maxi automation. Many eligible to retire will be around when rigomortis has set in awaiting an early out. Clean house.
    Upper echelon and headquarters management should be retired with same procedure as other career employees and not PCES with a Harry Potter severance package greater than the private sectoe CEOs who create value for shareholders such as Fred Smith FED X CEO whose performance is monatarily rewared as a private sector exective not a USPS Government employee who is paid a salary.

  9. Give anybody who is eligible for early retirement 3 years and 15k, RIF those on immediate retirement, and privitize all but the rural routes. Let be done and over with it Suckas.

  10. When did the democrats propose a solution to help the embattled Postal Service? Have they socialized a plan or just complained about other proposals?

    Put something on the table. Stop your whining and put forth an action plan to stop USPS loses. Yes, I understand changes were made… blah, blah, blah. But the reality is the clock is not going backward. Accept the unfortunate changes and move forward. And this is precisely what this is about. Moving the PO forward. We cannot afford the USPS in its current state. Too expensive and inefficient.

  11. Wrong again Sargent Schultz. Congress’s approval rating is between 9&10 %. Just a little higher than yours.

  12. Pure age descrimination to retire people just because of their age or years of service…period. You can cut the pie anyway you like, but that is exactly what it is. This is American folks and if a person wants to work until he drops, he should be allowed to do it. Get rid of the lazy sorry asses that won’t come to work because of FMLA abuse and laziness and you would save a ton of money. Getting rid of your best workers won’t help a thing. When the people start turning on themselves then the greedy bastards in Congress have done what they set out to do..divide and conquer. What we really need to do is vote out all of these corrupt, greedy, worthless politicians and develop a third part and term limits and reduce their pay and benefits, and that would solve a lot of problems.

  13. This is to harry potter: Who do you think made the post office what it is today? you youngens hire in with good wages and benefits. have you ever read your union contract page by page? I’ll bet you haven’t. us old people have fought for years for the benefits you enjoy today. why do you suppose the postal service wants to get rid of the older workers? i’ll tell you why—so it can break down the workers left behind. you’re gonna see the majority of the work force as part- time workers. next-your benefits and wages will be cut. forget about retiring . they will get rid of you before you are able to retire,and replace you with a new batch of younger workers. so be careful what you wish for ,,,harry potter! you may live to regret it down the road when your day comes.and it WILL come.

  14. @harry potter So you think that an employee that started 30 years ago at 18 should retire at 48. I thought you teabaggers wanted government off your backs. We as Americans have a right to retire when we are good and god damn ready. We want the corporate fascists OFF OUR BACKS!!!

  15. i have to agree with Jus Sayin, and Darrel Issa’s reform! No need for layoffs just retire those employees with 30 years or more, at any age!

  16. as i listened to the debate yesterday-what are these people thinking-how many will be pushed out of work (i will probably be one)-the middle class is REALLY in trouble. management of the usps has done more damage in the past 5 years-not doing their job-will they stop the bonuces and take a pay cut-pay for their health care? they make decisions sitting in a office-if it looks good on paper lets do it- when in reality us folks on the workroom floor have to deal with ignorant decision made, because someone upstairs has NO IDEA how the real world on the floor is. and some union locals have no help or idea what is going on – i voted against the new contract- how we are stuck with it. as long as you pay your dues or pay to copa that all we need. TIME TO WAKE UP FOLKS!!

  17. Burris screwed up years ago by not eliminating the “no lay off clause”. You have got to give a company the flexablity to reduce the work force to meet the work load. What do you think the modernization of machinery is designed to do. This is what Unions do,they push there agenda to the detriment of the company and then to there own members.Privatization started way back when the PO gave the package delivery buisness to UPS.The PO is not going anywere, we can easily be replaced,for far less.As far as the ED Show,he is a phoney and is just desperate for viewers,I am embarased by his representation on most of his positions.A grown man, stupping to such low level hyperbola.

  18. Why should FERS employees have to fund CSRS’ 80% pensions? Make them retire after 30 yrs. then, no more 40+ yrs. of service.

  19. In 1970 the Post Office agreed to over pay into Civil Service in exchange for it’s semi independence and in order to keep Po acquired land and property. Now we want to go back on this agreement. This will not happen. We are helping to pay all civil service retirements basically. Our only hope is overpayment into FERS. Republicans would love, however, to get their hands on all the property that USPS owns. We have always been a congressional cash cow but now we have been milked dry.They will not turn loose of this control but will contrive to achieve more control. We have been the financial back bone of the US government in order to finance their wars and balance their budgets secrectly for a long time. Only as a last resort will they privatize USPS in order to tax the trillion dollars that is spent here every year. Again that would be for monetary gain. Political manipulations, double talk, let’s tell the truth for a change.

  20. Greatly spoken Ed. I wish Washington would get rid of the corruption and open their eyes to the hard working Postal Workers and give us back our money and quit the ridiculous strain of pre-funding in such a short window. As we can see, noone with power is telling the truth in Washington. What a shame!

  21. Maybe Congress & Obama would understand a Nationwide Strike by ALL UNIONS of AMERICA. Possibly that would make somebody grow some BALLS?? Can it get much worse, approximately 15 million citizens unemployed with no hope in sight!!

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