NAPUS Supports Braley Post Office Protection Amendment to HR 2309

At tomorrow’s House Oversight and Government Reform “markup”,  Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) intends to offer an amendment to help protect small town and rural post offices. The amendment would strike a number of provisions from the Issa-Ross postal bill that would have a destructive impact on universal postal services.  First, the amendment would strike the  “subtitle A”  of HR 2309, which creates a post office closing commission.  Second, the amendment would strike the section of the bill that eliminates the prohibition against closing a post office solely for running a deficit, the provision that abolishes the requirement that the USPS provide a “maximum degree” of service to rural areas, and section that restricts community post office closing appeal rights. You may view NAPUS’ advocacy memo on the amendment here.

Braley Amendmentt to Issa Postal Bill

6 thoughts on “NAPUS Supports Braley Post Office Protection Amendment to HR 2309

  1. The fix is in people. Smoke & Mirror and back slapping time. They are already closing offices as fast as they can. What is going to stop them? This bill? The amendment to it? Please…

  2. Issa and Ross are two idiots that don’t have a clue, typical a – holes trying to make a fast buck and name for themselves, time to kick the two dumb asses out to the street so Issa can start auditioning for the X-Factor.

  3. The bill is far from becoming a law, the senate is most likely were Issa bill will die, if not sooner and hopefully next election, Issa is gone with the wind.

  4. They shouldn’t be amending Issa’s bill; they ought to flush the whole thing down the toilet. The man is completely out of touch with the people he is supposed to be representing; that is, the people who work for a living. Issa and his buddy Ross apparently don’t know anything about that. The people of California should have voted that idiot out of office a long time ago; hopefully the next time they have a chance they’ll actually do it.

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