Tennessee Congressman to Super Committee: Stop Early Retirements

The following is a press release from  John J. Duncan, Jr.  (R-TN 2nd district):

Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. in a letter this week urged the Congressional “Super Committee” tasked with finding trillions of dollars in savings in the federal budget to put a stop to early federal retirements. 

The text of the letter follows:

As you strive to come up with ways to save money and try to bring the federal budget closer to being in balance, I hope you will reduce the number of federal employees who are eligible for very early retirement.

There are many thousands of federal employees who are retiring in their 50s or even in their late 40s. As much as American lifespans have increased, we simply cannot afford to allow people to draw federal pensions at such young ages.

I am not suggesting that the rules be changed for anyone presently employed by the federal government. But I believe significant savings could be achieved in the future if all new hires, with no exceptions, are told that they cannot draw federal pensions at least until age 62 as in Social Security.

With kindest regards, I am

Yours truly,

Member of Congress

36 thoughts on “Tennessee Congressman to Super Committee: Stop Early Retirements

  1. @Gole\denBoy Manny Pacquiao knocked your stupid ass out just like the voters are in 2012. All tea party republicons are blind because their teabags are in each other’s eyes. Your union of traitors needs to go. Go to prison for tax evasion.

  2. A smarter way to keep the PO in business is to remove the union. If The income of the PO can only pay 80% to the workers to break even then give everybody a 20% pay cut. Too many folks leaving is going to force more overtime. Just pay the workers less.

  3. No. Vote for me. I will continue to screw the middle class for the benefit of my Corporate Masters. Suck it 99 percenters!

  4. FERS is a very old system and too generous compared to the private sector. They should raise the MRA to 60 and cut out the matching TPS. That would be fairer in today’s world.

  5. Now i know the Republican Party are bunch of idiots!!!! Mr. Duncan… Didn’t you hear that ISSA and ROSS want to pressure more Postal Workers to retire.. Where the fuck have you been???? I know ISSA has his own Agenda against the middle class but you Duncan, you take the icing!!!

    Does the Republican Party and Congress actually talk to one another??? Because I would find it hard to believe that Duncan didn’t read or watch things on TV about ISSA/ROSS/McCAIN wanting to force retirements, lay-offs, etc… Get your head out of your ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am your friend. please vote for me next november and I will see to it that you all get a nice retirement and live happily ever after

  7. let’s see a picture of this asswipe! bet he is a lardass, fat porker who needs a wheelbarrow to carry around his pouch! never did a day’s worth of physical labor is his pathetic life!


  9. How sad isn’t it that the MAJORITY OF PEOPLE VOTED FOR THEM!!!!!

    Think about that.


  10. Why not make retirement benifits start going down after 30 years of service. Then you would not need a buyout.

  11. Now people are finally waking from their hibernation. Knowledge and realization is revolution! Throw the teabaggers into Boston harbor and toss all the republicons in jail.

  12. Impeach this fool Duncan,also….along with Issa and Ross!!!!!!Get rid of their big,fat a**es!!!!!!

  13. You sir, will have your day of judgement. I hope the “decision” made for you is one that reflects how you judged others during your life here…

  14. Thank you for that vacuous statement, Mr. Congressperson. You speak as if you have no regard, as in understanding, as to how the blue collar worker physically toils his or her body during the course of their work life. Perspectives matter.

  15. He is insane.
    He has a life time job of using his office for his personal gain.
    Making himself into a multi millionaire.
    He wants everybody else to work like slaves till they are 80 and then drop dead.
    Congressmen and Congresswomen should only be allowed to stay in Congress for 4 years and then be forced out.
    With no retirement whatsoever.
    4 years of SERVING America to make America and Americans have a better life.
    I am sick of these idiots like Duncan Jr who use their job to get super rich and have no plans of ever leaving office.
    Then they want to tell you, that you must work forever.
    Republicans are all criminals.
    And they know it too!

  16. anyone have a Samurai sword for mr dunking crap, he might want to off himself, time for the 3rd party, or rise up and take from the arrogant congressional millionaires what belongs to us, the people, it is our money that they threaten us with, vote independent, it can work, stop the allegiance to graft and corruption , that means you too PMG without a head!.

  17. Actually, that was supposed to say prevent members of congress from retiring before age 62. They only serve one term and they collect.
    I too have almost 20 years in PO, had hernia surgery twice, surgery on both feet, rotater cuff damage, bursitis, aggravated back problems and there is absolutely no way to prove any of it is job related. It would be extremely difficult for a carrier to begin at 18-20 and make it to 62. It looks easy, but get out there and try it Mr Congressman. Do it at temperatures above 110 or below ZERO degrees in snow, ice rain, watch out for the dogs and holes in the yards and string/1 strand wire fences etc. Throw a 40 lb bag of rock salt over your shoulder and walk up the street. Just toss out a couple pieces of salt as you walk. When the bag is half full, turn and walk the other way. When you get back where you started from and the bag is empty, grab another bag and do it again. Matter of fact keep doing it for about 6 or more hours. Then and only then will you get a feel for being a carrier. I even got bit twice, total compensation $200. BTW Mr Congressman, once you reach 20 years at the PO under FERS, you get a whopping $900 a month, that is taxed and you pay 10% of that for SBP and if you keep your insurance, another 1/3 just for that. Yea it is really attractive, why don’t you apply at the PO Mr Congressman, IF YOU THINK IT IS SO GREEEEEEEEEEEAT! Of course you gotta pass the test, I doubt you would and I DO NOT mean the written part, THE PERFORMANCE part.

  18. That Tennesseeshit idiot should be made to do his own frigging taxes and work as a craft employee, if you made him work as management, he would get only “ROIDS”
    , screw the GOP, I thought they had some sense, so goody for them, no VERA, no votes, Issa may be in the minority next time.

  19. What they really want is for all of us to die. That way they can suck out even more for their already wealthy asses.

  20. Non part is correct – I’ve got over 20 years in with the PO and have had surgery on both hands, now my feet are killing me with bone spurs from standing all day on concreate – yeah I would like to see a few senators do this type of work until their are 62 – not possible!

  21. Why not lower the retirement age to 55 then offer a ver and a incentive of 20 thousand plus 5 years to your age from 50 to 57. I am I would truly go and a lot more too

  22. non partisan you are 100% correct. firepotter.. so are you we need a labor party.. that is strictly for the working man. middle class america… anything but.. wont be acceptable..

  23. I think it’s about time we start a 3rd political party. A middle class party. THE LABOR PARTY. The 1st campaign promise should be that any politician that accepts personal gain from anyone will be jailed for treason. A 3 strikes law for a politician that votes against their constituents. Term limits. All tax loopholes closed. For every digit of income its 10% starting at $10000. Ten grand is 10% tax. A hundred grand is 20%. A million is 30% and a billion is 40%. If you make more than a billion you stole it from the middle class and should go directly to jail. The assets alone will pay off the deficit 10 times over. Are you listening GE, Scamazon, Boing and any fortune 500 thieves that paid zero taxes and killed your unions?

  24. Oh I tried to get on Mr Congressmans web-site, but he’s so busy that he won’t take e-mails from outside his district

  25. Another one who thinks non-partisan is right on the money! Just wish Mr Congressmen could read it! Although I’m sure he probably would say that he was born in a log cabin, had to walk 2 miles to get to school, ect, ect.

  26. What about you Mr Congressman. Are you going to prevent members of congress from retiring at age 62 and with Social Security only. There are some jobs that actually take a real toll on the body and by the time you reach 62, nothing works, joints ache, fingers numb, feet like walking on nails. Repetitive motions take a toll on your joints etc, etc, etc. Sitting on your ARSE all day passing laws that do not affect you is not one I am speaking of. You want to reduce the budget and spending, start at home, clean up your own stall first. It is criminal at what our representatives have become and the compensation and reimbursement and perks you receive, CRIMINAL. You get free trips back home, and even a soldier in combat does not get that, not even once. You get it about as often as you choose and Peeeeelosi even got her own plane, well not her alone, it was for all her friends and family. Even Sprint discontinued the Friends and Family plan.

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