USPS Warning to Postal Employees About Campaigning Against Mail changes

USPS issued warning letter to postal employees about campaigning against changes in mail service

Warning letter form USPS District Manager via

As you are aware, in specific circumstances some of our Postal employees have actively become engaged in discontinuance study community meetings, to the detriment of USPS communications with actual customers. Some of our Postal employees have written congressmen and senators, beseeching their assistance in stopping discontinuance studies. Some have banded together with Postal retirees, in an effort to sidestep pr stop processes geared toward bringing our organization back to financial stability. This type of activity is restricted.

667.12 Engaging in Campaigns for Changes in Mail Service

Employees in active status must not engage in campaigns for or against changes in mail service. This regulation must not be construed to infringe on the rights to participate in labor organizations.

Warning to Postal Employees

53 thoughts on “USPS Warning to Postal Employees About Campaigning Against Mail changes

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  2. Let me tell you that I believe this came from the Greater Indiana District Manager, “ELS,” and what a crock it is! If you ONLY KNEW all the postal “laws” he is breaking, and has been since he was first employed with the USPS! I know how many rules and laws he is constantly breaking – and getting paid quite well while doing it! And let’s not forget his side-kick the Plant Manager, “BG!” They have been raping the postal service by giving their friends and family the best jobs in the postal service, jobs these people do not deserve, and I believe there is a “RULE” against nepotism, but I guess it doesn’t apply to them, just everybody else. Give us a break, man! You people are the worst! It’s do as I say and not as I do, eh? Both these people are the scum-of-the-earth. Apparently, that is what our people in the “upper echelons” want to hire to govern the masses. It’s a shame that they do things for political reasons and not for the good of the organization!

  3. O.K., So let me see if I understand this warning letter, with the writer’s signature blackened out as if in fear of retaliation if his/her name were known. Is the warning really saying, “We (USPS) plan on punching you in the nose and then breaking both of your legs with our Donaho Slugger brand baseball bat so you can’t work to feed your family, BUT IF YOU RESPOND IN A PEACEFUL PROTEST, YOU WILL BE FIRED?” If so, then my response to that inequity is simply this: If you piss on me, I will most definately track & hunt you down to piss on you, you corrupt, gutless, moron, crook, lie & deny twisted MF EAS manager.
    What goes around comes around.

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