APWU President On C-SPAN: Save America’s Postal Service

APWU President Cliff Guffey appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal cable TV program this morning. The union president spoke at length about the real cause of the USPS financial crisis and why Congress must pass legislation to provide financial stability for the nation’s mail system.

3 thoughts on “APWU President On C-SPAN: Save America’s Postal Service

  1. dear Postmaster President. i am writing because i phoned and left my concerns and my phone number with a request to be called back but no one ever called me.. why is this? the nu. was given so we might get help but if the person responsible isnt even responsible enough to return a phone call how can they be depended on for other matters? my son works in the lexington, ky post office, he is a deaf worker, and is very upset {as are we all} about the announcement of possible closing of lex, and relocating to lvl or knox. why??????? lex has lots of work and in fact all surrounding areas have been closed and sent to lex. Pres. Obama called for money to be returned to the post office (the overpayment of 5billion dolars in retirement fund) and why cant we go into a five day delivery service? also, with the new policy of hiring in new workers at a lower rate than used to be, wont all those things add up to coming out of the red?? PLEASE STOP THE CLOSINGS, AND LET THE PEOPLE WORK!!!! in regular businesses when costs must be lowered, rather than let people go and closing stores, they cut costs in every way to keep the people working and not lose jobs….there are several solutions here which could be employed to make this work, but why alll the foot dragging??? when i worked at Overnite Trans Co. costs needed to be cut and it was suggested that we instead of letting people go, each of us agreed we would ask for a 4hr a week cut in our hours to save peoples jobs…it worked out very well, and in time Overnite recovered and we went back to 40 hrs a wk. and NO ONE LOST THEIR JOB!

  2. if you sell usps buildings what happens to the workers inside stupid?
    the postal accountable act was written by Dems/repubs and Bush veto’d it once
    and caught grief from usps and its unions. Lets be honest and fix it.
    Germany is making a profit and growing. 2006 act enables usps to make a profit,
    but he is right about no body would deliver to rural areas. 1 for guffey. USPS gets tax breaks. License(vehicles) just to name one. Sales tax. Why do we borrow from the treasury? Can’t cut service, we would loose union jobs! Just say it.
    Right on I agree with the service issue. We need people! Socialism all the money in, someone decides who gets what and when. Don’t want to partisian then don’t. Do you think that wise?

  3. gm did not pay all the money back. they only paid a portion back. 1/3 of fortune 500 companies pre fund, just not at the same rate. you should not brag about ntft
    jobs when full time employees out west our getting the shaft, but no gold.
    come on guffey earn your keep!

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