APWU Executive Board Approves Dues Assessment to Support Media Campaign

Vowing to continue to do “everything in our power to prevent the destruction of the Postal Service,” the APWU National Executive Board has approved a special dues assessment on Sept. 20 that will begin in Pay Period 21-2011 and continue through Pay Period 18-2012. Career APWU members will be assessed $1 per pay period; Postal Support Employees will be assessed 50 cents per pay period.

The purpose of the special assessment is to support the union’s ongoing legislative and media campaign to protect APWU-represented workers and defend postal service to the American people.

“These efforts are costly, but they are absolutely necessary,” APWU President Cliff Guffey said. “The debate in Washington over the solution to the USPS financial crisis will have a profound effect on our members. We must do everything we can to ensure that the Postal Service survives, along with our jobs. We cannot allow misguided legislators – or USPS management – to dismantle the Postal Service.”

Locals that wish to assume pay the assessment for their members must notify the APWU Secretary-Treasurer in writing. The assessment expires at the 2012 National Convention, which could vote to extend it.

46 thoughts on “APWU Executive Board Approves Dues Assessment to Support Media Campaign

  1. Not one fuc**** penny for you-Guffey. You suck.
    I encourage everyone stupid enough to pay union dues to quit.
    Take matters in your own hands.
    We need to get back to bats and bars!!!!
    More blood in the Post Office will immediatly put these issues to rest.

  2. I do not see all of you Union haters leaving the Post Office! If the Union is so bad, why don’t you all leave and go to work for Wal-Mart. Thats right your not qualified! If your a scab, shame on you. If your a member and complaining about paying an extra dollar a pay period, what are you thinking. Isn’t your job worth an extra 2 dollars a month. It is time to wake up! This is war and something worth having, is worth fighting for! If you are all so unhappy, leave! This will save a good job for someone who deserves it!


  4. Scab in the dictionary is someone who will come in and work for less. I want more than I make now but am limited by the contract…Go figure and I can’t get a bonus for doing a good job

  5. If your Union and the NALC would bribe I mean contribute to Republicans in an equal amount that they give to the Democrats maybe just maybe they would try to help us. Quit giving your money to the people who have screwed this nation up over the last 50 years. Yes I do mean the Democrat party.

  6. I will gladly pay the extra dollar or fifty-cents a month to save my job and am blessed and grateful that someone is fighting for our livelyhoods so we can continue to have a job that provides for our families and is greatly respected by the majority of the public.

  7. on more comment about the Scabs is that in my faculity most of the “scabs” were union memebers for many years so even 20 yrs and got out because of all the corruption with the Union reps. We try to vote them out but they have enough of their “buddies” to keep them in. Our reps spend more time in the Union office eating pizza, playing on the internet and just having their buddies come in to talk “union” business but no grievance comes out of it wonder why. They got to get them fantasy picks in you know. Plus they walk around the floor thinking they are above all of us and managment won’t say nothing since deals are made. Leave them alone and no greivances. So you wonder why so many get out since they are sick and tired of having to do the work that the reps don’t feel they should have to do. So before you call people scabs just think maybe they are making a point to the Union Reps to do their job and stop thinking they are “Hoffa”

  8. Wow after reading a more comments on here I see those that slam the Scabs are the true liberal type person. Swearing, threatening, being bullies, and you wonder why the American people are turning against the Unions. Being a thug doesn’t work anymore and even though I am in the Union I don’t support these kinds of actions. All I hear from many people in town is they believe what the Union stands for but so many of their members act like thugs and are violent. Well guess what your the reason why the Unions are losing favor from the American people and if I wasn’t a member I would also think you were thugs but most Union memebers I know are decent hard working people that wish we could just remove people like you who what to act like a thug.

  9. Ok the Union wanted us to support this new contract but now that they are getting rid of some people in some facilities and they have no place to put them in a 40 mile radius the Union tells management they will allow some people to be moved futher away. And now they want us to pay them more, yes I know it is only 1 dollar every two weeks but the Union has already gone against our new contract just to satisfy management and Congress. The ink isn’t even dry yet but they are going to allow them to do this. I wouldn’t mind giving more to them voluntary but not when they already are allowing management to go against the contract just so the people in management can get a big bonus in a few years for saving the post office just as the Union higher ups are going to get. It is about time the Union save some of the dues to do this since it is what dues are for and not travel first class whereever they go and also eat at the fancy resturants with all the big wigs. We have to cut back and so should they.
    I guess the only way to let the Union management know how we feel about taking more money from us is for us to get out of the Union. For me that is next month which works out good but for others it will be later. So this will take time to hit the Union leadership to figure out your no better then the Govt by taking money from us without our consent so I will be gettting out. I do support the majority of things they do for us but they have turned their backs already on this new contract and the money they spend on Congressman and Senators for lobbying has got to stop since alot of these people are the ones turning their backs on the Postal Service and its memebers. Time to stand up to these Union leaders and our representatives. The money will go just to keep lining the Representatives pockets and the Union Leaders will get more perks and better hotels and resturants by using our money.

  10. Why not adjust nationals pay as they did everyone else’s. Next convention the constitution should be chaned to give all officers a 10% cut and what the comments of we should never go backwards. Yea right. National officers should all be thrown out as they did a lousy job on this contract and they seem ready to repeat it as issues heat up. But it’s a wtershed agreement and look at whose getting rained on. They complain about those that get more (rich people) but they should look in a mirror as they are in the upper income bracket. Did I say they were exempt?

  11. i can’t believe they signed this contract this whole think stinks, i know some of my fellow workers voted for this contract because of the six year no layoff clause and the 50 mile excessing rule. i worked in daytona untill july now i’m driving to orlando which is over 50 miles but my union president tells me they can do this because there are no jobs in daytona, yet my maint mgr is still in daytona supervising 4 custodians while still holding a level 21 position. i guess mgmt. will always take care of their own. i’m really not sure if i want to stay in the union anymore really doesn’t seem like they are looking out for the workers anymore. i’m sure i’ll continue to pay my dues as i’m let to the slaughter house (unemployment line). thanks for letting me vent.

  12. job abolished 2 years ago off tour 3 when the mail comes in just to save a couple of management suk asses job on tour 2. management has reposted new jobs back in the area with my old reporting time. union answer…. they can do that. so why am I paying more to the union to run ad’s when the bottom line is ….. they can do that. The union has no balls.

  13. What’s wrong with you! A dollar a PP to fight these bastards in Congress to save your jobs, WTF is wrong with you. And for Scabs to bitch about it. Without the Union you’d be a casual or not a postal worker. Where’s your unity? Where’s your obligation to step up when called on? Fuck all the free-loading SCABS. You’re parasites, sucking the life out of us. When you’re finished and your host is dead hope you realize what you’ve done and for the members, shame on the ones who when in these times bitch about $1 a PP. I say raise it to $10 a PP. Give em hell Mr. Guffey!

  14. re: dues

    Is there no prcocess in place to address the issue of those *members* who pay dues in a lump sum? I know of some members (sic) that have only made one payment ,and never recieved any type of billing or invoice for dues afterwards. I’ll be taking this issue up with the local treasurer soon, but am wondering if this is commonplace elsewhere…

  15. just how many of our leaders are over the age of 70 and why dont the leadership point this out to Mr. Issa and Mr. Ross.
    D. Coats
    D. Cochran
    O. Hatch
    J. Mccain
    M. Mcconnell
    R. Shelby
    A. Simpson
    C. Randell
    and this is just a few.

  16. just what the public gonna think when the APWU decend on Vegas next month save us but watch us spend all this money talking about nothing, our priorties are all screwed up and intrusting present leaders with solutions is more or less like the wall street bail out when they said we need the people who got us here to get us out, thats stupid at best, its time to demand change they all must go.

  17. just what the public gonna think when the APWU decend on Vegas next month save us but watch us spend all this money talking about nothing, our priorties are all screwed up and intrusting present leaders with solutions is more or less like the wall street bail out when they said we need the people who got us here to get us out, thats stupid at best, its time to demand change of they all must go.

  18. would have been better off asking for donations,
    our local has over 100K sitting idle for many years, take that money!
    BTW, where does that money go when our plant closes? Do we lose the local when they close? do locals hide money from the national? I suggest to take 2 bucks from the light duty bums and all the bums on workers compensation.
    better yet, take a buck from all the scabs that don’t belong to the union, how about that! Have a good day, I think I’ll go play with my girl friend now.

  19. To: Can’t believe it,

    You are so right, we can surely afford $1 out of our paychecks to save our jobs. All these other people who have just posted apparently don’t take their jobs seriously enough. I for one have no desire to look for another good paying job. I disagree with a lot of management decisions like others but where are we going to have another good paying job with good benefits and retirement? The other alternative is to run for a political office, no thanks! You could not pay me enough to do that, and to have to be elected and not know if in two or four years you will still have a job, not a gamble I’m willing to take. I like my job but could do without most of the BS that goes with it. Come on people, if you can’t afford $1 every two weeks then you are living too high on the hog. I take my job serious, and enjoy the decent pay I receive for it. I’ve been at minimum wage and raised a kid all on my own while making it, I sure don’t want to go back in time and have to live on next to nothing anymore. ( with no financial help or food stamps I might add ) Stand up and protect the good paying jobs you have, and you can live without that $1 from each paycheck for a year or so, it’s for a good cause….saving our jobs.

  20. you do not have to wait for the year date you signed your union sign up card when you were first employed…..you fill out form 1188 and tell personnel to stop union dues from being taken out of paycheck.

    you will still be in union untill they find out and send you a letter that they will kick you out for non-payment….takes them about 8 months to figure it all out…screw cliff goofy that loser.

    GM 4 year contract will give workers $19,000 dollars…..$5,000 sing bounus $ and lump sum profit share check of at least $3500.00 each year of 4 year contract……..now that is a real union president for you….cliff goofy is a punk puppet of donehoe.

  21. hey cliffy boy what did you do with the COPA money? same thing you bums did with the anthrax money? put it in the General Fund so you could spend it on your whores in Vegas?

  22. form 1188 is the answer to send goofy a message…..just look at the new GM workers contract vs goofy shit 5 year contract.

    goofy is in donahoe pocket spouting the mismanagement talking points to maintain the status quo……no mention of corrupt, bloated, cronyism infected, nepotism riddled po mismanagement 110,000 strong vs 379,000 workers & 90,000 lite/limited/IOD slacker slugs for a ratio of 1 to 3.7.

    cliff goofy plain and simple is a bum and I am not going to pay this fraud 1 buck…let him get it from the pse’s!

  23. APWU’s new slogan, “Coercion is good when we do it to the membership, bad when Congress does it to the membership.”

  24. This is exactly why I am *NOT* a ‘member’ of the union.

    If the union wants my dues – they can send me a MONTHLY BILL (by mail, of course) and I will MAIL my check.

    *AND* I reserve the right to STOP PAYING at any time.

    But they refuse to take my money unless I sign an *irrevocable* authorization to take however much they say dues are, directly from my paycheck. Oh well, guess they don’t want my money badly enough.

  25. WAKE UP!!! These are your JOBS we are talking about. Where do you think we would be without a union? Would we have our benefits and pay? Job security? Just what some people want to see is unions breaking up!!! The harsh reality is that we NEED more people contributing to keep us strong especially now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT COMPLAIN about giving a dollar out of my paycheck to protect my job and preserve our unions and the rights they fight to keep for us. It is unbelievable in this time that we continue to have a job. So stop complaining and start realizing that you have the benefits, etc you have BECAUSE OF A UNION!!! I am only a union member, I’m not a union officer but I see the time they dedicate to their craft. They dedicate their time on and off the clock. How many of us have made it to each union meeting? Sometimes we barely have enough members show up for meetings and it is time for more of us to get involved. We are responsible for protecting our jobs so that future generations can have jobs that are adequate enough to survive on (instead of working 2 or 3 minimumu wage jobs without ins/medical/job benefits. So once again WAKE UP and stop complaining about $1 out of a check. You are starting to sound like the people that come in and complain about a penny increase on a first class stamp when the price of gasoline continues to rise. So stop and think that maybe that dollar is worth it.

  26. Does anyone know why we have to wait for our anniversary date to get out of the union? Is that legal? It did not say that on my paperwork when I signed up. I am not happy with the national, cannot get any answers from our local. We have many members that lost everything due to the floods and they can certainly use the money. can anyone help?

  27. im gonna keep posting u hav nerve asking for money 29 years abolished tues wend s off 30 hour jobs being posted no 40 hour jobs keep deleteing my post s i am calling in sic so i can keep posting them

  28. where in the APWU By Laws and Constitution it allows the Execitive Board to excert a mandate. someone please go to the APWU website click on the sec-trea then click on by-laws and constitution and not only you can see what we pay these clowns, find and share where it gives them the power to impose this assessment.

  29. You all signed up for this destruction when said I do. Tks for the six million dollar retirement. Drinks on me. Its party time….Pitty party, suckers.

  30. This is nothing more than a tax increase to cover the dues being lost every month by the mass exodus from this worthless union.

  31. Why don’t they use the millions of dollars in our fund that was supposed to be used for organizing. we haven’t done any organizing just giving away jobs…..oh, maybe they already spent that on their (apwu leaders) retirement fund…

  32. its bad enough my union dues bail all of the dead beats who don’t want to work. now i got to pay for advertisements to support a post office the government or our country doesn’t even want. maybe we should have another convention so we can some more hard earned money that amounts to nothing. go get’em apwu!

  33. The union should allow us to resign from the union if we don’t agree with the Dues Assessment. This is the only membership where you can join anytime you like, but can only resign on your anniversary date and only within a few days before or after. And if you miss these dates, sorry you will have to while another year for your next anniversary date. The Union sucks and has for a long time. Brothers and Sisters it is time to see the writing on the wall and get your ass out now.

  34. They sell our souls in the last contract so they could get more money for themselves and now they want more!?!? What a bunch of losers

  35. I never knew why we paid for union representation ? We didn’t pay management to screw us , so why pay union dues . But we were called scabs and worse . So now you see what the union is all about . For 30 years they didn’t do anything to prevent stupidvisors from doing the same thing over and over and over and over again . All those dues for nothing ! SO LIVE WITH IT . It’s all to late . Just drink the chinese juice and go to sleep america .

  36. Why don’t the apwu national leaders take a pay cut like they negotiated for the clerks to pay for this? why don’t they cut down on their expenses (lunches, travel, lodging)? These guys are making double salaries and want us to pay a special assessment, these guys are losers and completely out of touch with the real postal workers who touch the mail, they are just like postal mangement that they sold us out to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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