Video: Rep. Dennis Ross On Fox News Says USPS Overpayment Talk Without Merit

Congressman Dennis Ross (R-FL) was on Fox News yesterday in a segment called “Bailout the Post Office”

In addition to repeating the Issa/Ross talking points on Postal Reform Ross recommended that USPS expand its online shipping presence which is dominated by UPS and FedEx. Which is not a bad idea. USPS may have an advantage over both companies because online purchases can be shipped to PO Boxes whereas shipping via UPS and FedEx can only go to street addresses.

7 thoughts on “Video: Rep. Dennis Ross On Fox News Says USPS Overpayment Talk Without Merit

  1. Tony: PS is NOT proposing to lower Express or Priority standards, only first class and standard. In fact, Priority standards may well increase.

    Were you not paying attention during the PMG”s video?

    The biggest problems are the overpayments, and the over-generous discounts we give to bulk mailers, especially the ones for preparing mail in ways that no longer save us any costs (presort letter trays are pointless when it all gets run into the DPS on DB’s)

  2. If the Postal Service wasn’t required to make the 5.5 billion dollar payment towards the funding for healthcare for it’s retirees, they would have made 61l million dollars in profit each of the last 5 years… And they aren’t allowed to make a profit…So they still would have plenty of money…This guy is just a union buster…He will deastroy the Postal Service as we all know it.

  3. Over payments are without merit because you, CONGRESS, have already STOLEN THE MONEY to pay for other programs, like wars that were TRULY WITHOUT MERIT! It’s hard to believe that Iraq with soon have a better Post Office than what we’ll end with!

  4. WOW!!! You’re such a smooth talker.. Issa really has you fuckin brainwashed you rookie Congressman. Trying to make a name for yourself, huh?? Why aren’t you talking about the bloated management? Why did Congress back in 2006 have a voice vote in the middle of the night to have the U.S. Postal Service pay 5.5 billion dollars per year for ten years for 75 years worth of benefits????? That does not make SENSE!!!!!!! Repeal it like you Republicans want to do to Obamacare… Why doesn’t the Federal, State and Local governments ever use “common sense”????? I suspect that Congress uses us as a cash cow, just like social security.. Now both agencies are broke and the federal government is trillions of dollars in debt.. So let’s now lower our standards ( i thought we were a service and was cheaper then UPS and Fed-Ex )… So let me understand this… We lower our delivery by 2 or 3 days… Are we gonna lower our prices also?? Who in there right mind is gonna pay for overnight and priority prices when it’s gonna be delayed a day or two… We’re gonna lose even more business and revenue… WTF!!!! Donahue, i think you’re more stupid then Potter!!!! You wanna run your own health insurance.. You can’t even run us properly!!! Why doesn’t Congress just take us over again.. Allow us to charge the proper rates and expand our parcel business.. We go to every damn address in America.. We should be killing UPS and Fed-EX!!!! Wasted chances… When UPS goes on strike.. Where do their customers go?? To us!!!! But management never thought ahead and developed a overall business plan.. So they blame unions for their demise.. Oh please!!! Remember this….. More then half of management started out in a craft job.. They were lazy and always had a piss poor attitude… So now these same fuckin idiots are making this decisions to kill our careers!!!! Obama… You better stop these fuckin TEABAGGER REPUBLICANS!!!! They’re all anti-union middle class HATERS!!!!! President Obama… If you don’t stop this.. I promise you this. As a proud union Mailhandler, You will definitely not have my vote for your 2nd term…. That i PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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