USPS Launches New ‘DRIVE’ Approach To Strategy Execution

‘DRIVE’ to Success

As the relentless reduction of mail volume continues — fueled primarily by the continuing decline of First-Class Mail — USPS continues to look for ways to more effectively manage its challenges and to forge effective solutions for the future.

This process begins at the top of the Postal Service’s leadership, which has been working since earlier this summer on a new effort called “Delivering Results, Innovation, Value and Efficiency” (DRIVE).

Administered by the Postal Service’s Strategic Planning department, the DRIVE process is based on a well-established methodology used by many corporations to improve the development and execution of major business strategies. The version of DRIVE the Postal Service has created is centered on a set of 36 strategic initiatives, each guided by a senior USPS executive and supported by a cross-functional team of subject-expert managers. The ambitious initiatives — ranging from network optimization to executive transparency — include cost cutting, revenue generation, and capability enhancement necessary for the organization’s success.

Development of the DRIVE process has been on a fast track. “Now that we’ve established the portfolio of initiatives, it’s time to focus on execution,” said Director, Strategic Planning Emil Dzuray. “Each initiative is guided by a set of Roadmaps — high-level plans teams will use to guide implementation and chart progress.”

Dzuray says the USPS leadership expects concrete results in each of the 36 initiatives. Some initiatives may take years to complete, but progress in others could take place before the end of the year.

“We work in a dynamic and competitive environment,” said Dzuray. “It’s vitally important that we tap the resources and experience of this organization to improve the way we execute key business strategies. The DRIVE process is designed to help us achieve these goals.”

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4 thoughts on “USPS Launches New ‘DRIVE’ Approach To Strategy Execution

  1. Whatever it takes to justify their existence. Instead of coming up with real solutions they come up with catchy acronyms and find reasons to meet over lunch and discuss deadend projects with no true meaning. How about not pissing away accounts that were with the postal service until the time came for some true customer service and the postal service was just to big to be bothered by some of the customers needs and refused to adjust their service to meet those needs. But then again why adjust? UPS has been waiting in the wings to swoop in and take over accounts we failed to maintain.

  2. Hey these idiots finally did something . DRIVE . How long did they play the game , make up a name ? Probably will get a $1,000,000 pay for performance check . It keeps getting better all the time ! I was told for decades if you don’t spend it you won’t get it next year . Well it’s finally run out . But just like the rest of government they can lie abought being broke . It’s contract time . They never have any money until contract talks are over . Then they seem to find billions to pay themselves ! We will be happy to get 1% but they get 5% every year . Remember when the managers used to make a few $1,000 more than us . Now they make twice what we do before pay for performance . Remember they used to see what we got at contract time . Then get what we got , not anymore . That’s why they make twice what we do .

  3. Bunch of Crap! Just going in circles….more meetings…more talk….more waste of Management and Money. Just putting another name on waste! These idiots need to get out there and get their hands dirty and do somthing to move the Mail!

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