USPS Begins Testing ‘ePostage’ For Merchants Using Online Marketplaces


ePostage label
The ePostage label.

The Postal Service this month begins testing ePostage — a new electronic postage. It will be used by merchants who sell their wares through online marketplaces.

“More than 2 million merchants use online marketplaces,” said Gary Reblin, vice president, Domestic Products. “The success of this test has the potential to significantly increase the Postal Service’s package business, especially for business-to-consumer shipping.”

ePostage will be tested in the Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, and Washington, DC, areas, which will be points of origin for package shipments. ePostage will be available with Express Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail parcels, Package Services (except Library Mail) and Parcel Select barcoded nonpresort.

The testing of ePostage also means the introduction of a new label for USPS employees to identify in the mailstream. It’s similar to other PC Postage labels except it will indicate “ePostage” is being used.

Acceptance scans must be performed, just as with other prepaid postage. Delivery Confirmation is included and indicated as part of the Intelligent Mail package barcode. Insurance and Signature Confirmation will be offered as extra services.

“With our product offerings, nationwide logistics network, convenient pickup options and thousands of drop-off locations, we offer online sellers and retailers one-stop shipping that delivers value and convenience and helps bring in new revenue,” said Reblin.

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  1. Why are you cheapskates always worried about tax? You like police around? You like running water? How about electrical grids? And you probably spend 10,000 dollars a year on beer.

  2. And this does what exactly? Can’t you get postage labels online already? Sounds like e-package tracking for state tax purposes to me.

  3. If you can’t beat em…join em! APWU is also looking at ways to email their grievances! Its a new world folks!

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