NAPUS urges Congress to reject USPS proposal

From the National Association of Postmasters of the US (NAPUS):

NAPUS fully recognizes the extraordinary financial difficulties confronting the Service, resulting from overpayments into the retirement system, overly-aggressive prefunding of retiree health coverage, and falling mail volume. However, the USPS proposal to deny its employees and retirees access to a stable, affordable, and time-tested earned health and retirement recklessly endangers the health and retirement security of all postal employees. Consequently, NAPUS urges Congress to reject the USPS proposal.

source: NAPUS

4 thoughts on “NAPUS urges Congress to reject USPS proposal

  1. This is another round of Congress doing nothing. They knew this funding for future health care benefits was coming at them since last year at this time. They have done nothing much like the debt ceiling. Wait until Postal employees don’t get paid. Then when America blows it stack then heads will roll in Washington!
    We were considered Hero’s for moving mail after 9-11, what has happened to this country?

  2. This is a direct assault and insult to all postal workers, union or not!! Postal
    Management want the hard working employees to pay for years of their mismanagement. This is just another ploy to do away with not only more jobs, but unions also thsat work hard trying to get americans people better paying jobs and benefits! All of America will be affectred if this is to take place. The American people will not receive their mail on a daily basis!! All States and cities should get involved, call your city councilmen , representatives and congressmen asking them to vote for the HR Bill 1351 and defeat HR Bill 6309! This need to be done now if no more Americans is not be in the unemployment line. Congress says they want to make job, but do they really!! Ask Rachel Madow!!

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