NAPUS: USPS Will Do Everything Possible to Find Positions for Postmasters Impacted By Post Office Closings

USPS Officials Commit to Do Everything Possible to Find Landing Spots for Postmasters Who May Be Impacted By Post Office Closings

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and members of the Postal Headquarters leadership team updated leaders of NAPUS, League of Postmasters, and NAPS on the financial condition of the Postal Service today. The overall financial picture of the USPS remains bleak, as First-Class mail volume continues to decline, with a current net loss of $5.6 Billion, and a year-end projected loss of $9 Billion.

Following the financial briefing, presidents of the three postal management associations requested time to discuss the impact on Postmasters and other supervisory personnel who may be impacted by the recently announced discontinuance study of more than 3,500 postal facilities. NAPUS President Bob Rapoza asked if impacted Postmasters would face layoffs and he was told that while the possibility of some layoffs may exist, the Postal Service has an obligation to provide the same protection for all employees and they would do everything possible to find landing spots for Postmasters.

Postal leaders committed to consider RIF Avoidance and Voluntary Early Outs (VER) as part of the process to reduce the need for layoffs. USPS Headquarters officials said they were committed to maintaining a good working relationship with the management organizations and would include them throughout the process.

Postmasters whose offices are on the Discontinuance Feasibility Study list are reminded that the current procedures could require several months before a post office could actually be closed. The Postal Service has introduced proposed revisions to the Discontinuance timelines which would allow the closing of a facility within 138 days, but that recommendation is not yet effective.

Postmasters who may be impacted by the Discontinuance Feasibility Study should remember that some of the offices on the review list may not be closed. Impacted Postmasters are encouraged to check the NAPUS website for updates on what will happen if their office is scheduled to be closed.

Charlie Moser

July 27, 2011
National Association of Postmasters of the US

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  1. the bad thing is they can be a custodian and still get there same pay for life. thats a good way to save money……………. or they will be on detail after detail untill they retire………you know the one that looks at a report to see if somebody did a report so they can report that the other reports have been done……………..bull sh— take care of there own and take us all down………… you should start getting rid of the fat at the top……the p&dc i am at has about 1 super for every 5 workers thats good for the usps thats how you save money…………………..

  2. wow..i feel so sorry for them….all those PMR’s who somehow got a “career” job…as our former PM said…”if you don’t like it, mcdonalds is hiring…” and maybe you can sell stamps there, too! payback is a bitch…..and like the rest of us, USPS owes you nothing

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