Gift Cards On Sale At Select Post Offices Starting Today

Customers can now purchase gift cards — “the most-requested holiday gift” — at more than 1,800 Post Offices beginning today.

The new line of “open-loop” gift cards — redeemable at any merchant that accepts the card brand — is part of a two-year market test and is being sold at Post Offices that also sell greeting cards.

“We’re always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience and generate new revenue,” said Kelly Sigmon, vice president, Channel Access. “Selling gift cards, greeting cards and stamps all at one location is a natural fit for our business model and a natural fit for our customers.”

According to Sigmon, the market test will expand to up to 3,000 additional locations — including Post Offices without greeting cards — in October 2011, to capture holiday sales.

“Gift cards are the single most-requested holiday gift, with 77 percent of consumers buying at least one gift card during the holiday season,” Sigmon said.

While the Postal Service can expand the market test to other vendors, American Express is the first company to participate in the program. American Express Gift Cards will be sold in denominations of $25 and $50 and in variable load denominations, with a minimum denomination of $25 and a maximum denomination of $100.

The Postal Service will operate only as a sales agent and will receive a negotiated portion of the purchase price of $3.95 for the $25 denomination, $4.95 for the $50 denomination and $5.95 for the variable load cards.

source: USPS News Link