Letter: Issa Postal Reform Bill Will Put Many Americans Out of Work Including Military Vets

Letter To Congressman Darrell Issa from postal employee Guy Nohrenberg

Rep. Darrell Issa

June 23, 2011

Money is being taken from the US Postal Service as a hidden additional Tax.

The wealthiest Congressman in History continues his terrorist attack on the US Postal Service through trying to add an additional government bill, “The Postal Reform Act of 2011”. What is it? It is another expensive government paid committee intended to destroy the nations largest civilian employer.

The US Postal Service is not being harmed by reduction of mail volume, fax, email, or any of that other elitist inspired propaganda. It can manage through mail fluctuations and always has. It’s being harmed by an additional hidden tax that this congressman and his ilk have imposed upon the US Postal Service. The US Postal Service is the employer of people you know, love and are related to. This Congressman has a strange fetish against the US Postal Service and he regularly bullies it in an effort to eliminate it.

So he wants more unemployment? His “Postal Reform Act of 2011” will place over a million Americans out of work. Isn’t it bad enough that Post Offices in small towns are closing by the minute, against the desires of the local communities losing them and that you have to drive further just to mail packages and scented letters to loved ones overseas.

The US Postal Service employs a significantly high percentage of Military Veterans. Many are from his own district. This Congressman has continually assaulted the US Postal Service, with misinformation and propaganda. He’s even subversively trying to divert attention from the honest efforts underway to stop his hidden additional tax of $5.5 Billion Dollars each year.

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17 thoughts on “Letter: Issa Postal Reform Bill Will Put Many Americans Out of Work Including Military Vets

  1. Congress do the right thing. America does not need over a million people out of work at this time. It’s all about politics and the Republican Congress does not care if they use the people of America to play their political games. They want our President to fail and they will do anything in their power to do so. Take a look at the debt ceiling. Attention Seniors if the debt ceiling is not raised can you be so sure you will receive your ss money on August 2nd 2011?

  2. One thing I learned in Teabagger school is, never give credence to anything that goes by the handle of “grabass”. Grow up and join the world of the mature.You will be alot happier and probably have a better vocabulary.

  3. It’s a government entitlement program in your mind only, pea brain. Go back to Teabagger school to learn your next line.

  4. The Post Office could manage through mail fluctuations if it had competent people in management positions. Blame Bush, blame congress, whoever the hell you want to, but the bottom line is, the blame begins at L’Enfant Plaza right on down the chain of command to the inept management at the local level. How many times have we, as employees mismanaged what was entrusted to us? We are paying alot of money to alot of people that produce very little. Pay off your debts, save as much money as you can, ’cause this government entitlement program is just about over.

  5. If we’d be seven years in the black without the 5.5 billion dollar a year thievery, then I’d suppose mail volumes are being managed quite well… better than workloads anywhere else in the United States. He’s right!

  6. Guy says:”The Po is not being harmed loss af volume or electonic communication”.

  7. The US Postal Service is not being harmed by reduction of mail volume, fax, email, or any of that other elitist inspired propaganda. It can manage through mail fluctuations and always has. – Get your head out of your a__ .

  8. The “overfunding” that Congress seems to go out of their way to ignore, push to the back, never even mention…is probably because any “overfunding” was spent LONG AGO by Congress…..the supposed overfunded money probably just isn’t there and they do not want to have to explain more of their sucking America’s middle class wealth DRY…..like SS, pensions, 401’s…..bet it is a long list of what they have actually done….sad, very sad! Also think THAT is why they are calling it a “taxpayer” bailout….the money “should” be there but sadly it just isn’t….

  9. The Postal Service is NOT a charity or welfare program. It needs to make changes and has been for the last decade. Our problem in general is not our employees or our management, it’s the politicians. We continue to prefund and overpay our retirement programs, and when it feels entitled, Congress will go in and take some off of the top, (Billions). They do so every few years. Their own little slush fund. If you leave us alone and let us pay as we go, (LIKE NORMAL COMPANY’S DO), we will be just fine.

  10. Why are these comments so much more intellectual than those posted on PostalReporter.com? Because postal employees tend to post more comments there!!!

  11. As a 27yr employee, regardless of position, I have to say that in reality, we cannot survive the electronic age we are working against. Evev if we are given our estimated 90 billion dollars, will that be available in 5 years? We are at our borrowing limit now. That’s 15billion. That’s debt that must be paid. As volume continues to decline, losses will again grow, and that 90 billion will dwindle quickly.

  12. @mark,vanc:
    One of the most important things that America is losing today is THE POWER OF CRITICAL THINKING.
    CRITICAL THINKING, for those who do not know what I am talking about, is the native instinct for person to look at what is in front of him and to INTUITIVELY maneuver through their daily lives successfully.

    There ALREADY IS A SIMPLE ANSWER to the cash flow problem that the USPS has.
    There ALREADY IS A SIMPLE ANSWER to the “right sizing” of the USPS.
    There ALREADY IS A SIMPLE ANSWER to the reorganization of the USPS to meet the challenges of today’s variations in mail volume.

    Congress has been told about the UNFAIR FINANCIAL BURDEN that THEY have placed on the Organization. They have been SHOWN by numerous individuals the ways to CORRECT THE PROBLEM….there has been LEGISLATION introduced to SELECTIVELY SOLVE THE UNFAIR FINANCIAL DRAIN to the Service, BUT CONGRESS IS DOING NOTHING.

    The USPS should not be destroyed to SATISFY THE CONSERVATIVE AGENDA of the MINORITY PARTY that now controls the House of Representatives.

    There IS a simple answer.
    All Congress has to do is ACT TO CORRECT THE LAW they enacted in 2006.

  13. So why do we need Districts and Areas again filled with the highest paid employees that never touch mail???

  14. And still not one manager has lost their job . When is anyone going to learn that if you are not delivering the mail you are not needed . The same sex clubs kick in as soon as the carriers hit the street . There is a reason there are no windows at the post office . Or what is really funny is that the post office credit card is used to pay for their lunches and hotel rooms . Oh well things never change .

  15. there is no easy answer here. yes, people will lose their jobs, of which i hope i’m not one. But this organisation is not here to employ people but to serve the customers. The USPS needs restructuring and there will be fallout. It will be painful and it will destroy families and communities and my heart breaks for those, and maybe me. What needs to be addressed is what is the White House doing to create jobs. OK, fire away, I can take it.

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