USPS Updates Reduction In Force FAQs


USPS has posted several updates to the FAQs posted on the Organizational Changes website on Blue and LiteBlue.

Updates include changes in the “Preference Eligible Employees,” “Non-Preference Eligible Employees,” and “Grade and Pay Retention” sections of the Organizational Change/RIF FAQs.

A key update is a change in the saved grade and pay language. The change clarifies earlier language, confirming that employees will be granted two years of saved grade if they have been issued a Specific Reduction In Force (RIF) notice of demotion but elect instead to accept a voluntary downgrade to a position which is:

  • The same grade as their RIF demotions.
  • A lower grade than their RIF demotions.
  • A higher grade than their RIF demotions but a lower grade than their current positions.

Other important updates to the Organizational Redesign FAQs include new questions 26-28, which explain the process for noncompetitive and competitive laterals and downgrades for the June and July job posting periods. For these organizational change postings, employees can request noncompetitive and competitive laterals and downgrades using eCareer.

With the current job posting period now in effect, it’s important that employees are aware of this information so they don’t overlook potential career opportunities. The June 14 jobs are available for a short time period, lasting only through June 20.

source: USP News Link

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