Rep. Pearce opposed to USPS closing Las Cruces Mail Processing facility

USPS Proposal Not Good For Jobs, Local Community

Las Cruces, NM (June 17, 2011) Today,Congressman Steve Pearce voiced his opposition to the proposed closing of the mail processing facility in Las Cruces. This move was already attempted in 2007, and failed so completely that the decision was reversed. The USPS has failed to demonstrate that this move would be any different.

“New Mexico cannot afford the lost jobs and delayed mail that will come as a result of this move,” said Pearce. “The public is vocally opposed to this proposal—the job loss alone will have a damaging economic impact that far outweighs any potential savings. It is unacceptable that the Postal Service has failed to take responsible measures to save money, and is trying to pay for these failures on the backs of New Mexico’s businesses.”

Local businesses and postal professionals have communicated to Rep. Pearce that this move would result in delays in mail delivery for much of the Las Cruces, Lordsburg, Silver City, and Deming areas. The proposal would leave the second largest city in New Mexico without a mail sorting facility, which Rep. Pearce—like residents of the Second District—finds unacceptable. While Rep. Pearce understands the need for savings, he is confident that the USPS can find ways to save money without a cost to the local economy.

Congressman Pearce and his office have been watching the issue closely. An overwhelming number of constituents have contacted Rep. Pearce expressing their opposition to the move. A recent public meeting on the proposal was attended by representatives from Rep. Pearce’s office. Public opinion at the meeting was almost unanimously against the proposal.

source: Congressman Steve Pearce press release