PMG Donahoe: USPS finances are like Greece

In an interview with Federal News Radio, Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe said:

USPS jobs are not safe

The Postal Service recently warned 2,400 management-level employees that their jobs are in danger. The move is part of a nationwide reorganization aimed at saving $750 million a year. “Look what’s going on in Greece,” Donahoe said. “There’s nothing safe. The key for us is this: Provide great service … at a very reasonable cost. And then our jobs are fine. It’s when we allow ourselves to be more expensive than people can afford, that’s when we have to worry.”

full audio interview

2 thoughts on “PMG Donahoe: USPS finances are like Greece

  1. @Sam the sham – Soooooooooo right you are. Problem is this capitalist sense of entitlement that 99% of “managers” have. They honestly believe that, even though they are ‘earning’ 3 times what they should be, they contribute to any successes that the PO has and that they do MEANINGFUL WORK!!!

  2. how much are you getting paid, a**hole, after the previous guy gave himself a 39% raise a couple of years ago? F#%K YOU!

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