Court Sends USPS Case On Rate Hike Rejection Back To PRC

WASHINGTON (AP) — Whether postal rates should rise above the level of inflation is back in the hands of the independent Postal Regulatory Commission.

The federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on Tuesday told the commission to reconsider its rejection of the Postal Service’s request last fall to raise rates. Normally increases are limited to the inflation rate, but the post office cited the unusual circumstances of the recession and the decline in mail volume.

The court said the commission was correct in concluding that, to get the unusual rate increase, the post office must show that the problem is due to the unusual circumstances. But the court said it was wrong to insist that the amount of the increase precisely match the losses caused by those circumstances.

source: Associated Press

Court Sends USPS Rate Case Back to PRC

2 thoughts on “Court Sends USPS Case On Rate Hike Rejection Back To PRC

  1. Note DECLINE IN VOLUME: Congress should have economic knowledge to comprehend that decline in volumes results in less revenue to pay bills which would require immediate action as USPS spends more money daily than it takes in. A red light should blink to indicate that action must be immediate as every quarter cannot be a 2 billion loss. In order to be cost effective as the demand for USPS prime product has decreased 50%+++ and will drop another 25% time to take action is immediate, Small Post Offices that time and demographics has created as nonessential and a waste to maintain must be closed immediately.
    Congress must give attention to over supply of service when the demand for USPS products and services is in a state of continuous decline as quarterly reports clearly indicate; Postal Shipping is only positive in quarterly reports
    as it was up 2.2% to SPLY.

    Congress, PRC, Conservatives who call for common sense to prevail must take action to reduce cost as revenue will maintain decline. Eliminating Sat. mail delivery would be a cost effective move as operating 190,000++ VEHICLES at increasing fuel cost and delivery personnel is a non recoverable WASTED cost.
    The American mail consumer is having Sat. mail delivery forced on them; if the American mail consumer wanted Sat. mail delivery the demand would be there.
    The INTERNETAND APPS CONNECT PEOPLE INSTANTLY WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY A STAMP AND ENTER INTO THE POSTAL SYSTEM FOR A 1-2 DELIVERY. Congress needs to get real as Postal needs for products and services have changed as we are now living in 21st century and Postal need are same as when Ben Franklin boxed mail by candlelight prior to his shock of making electrical lights blink.

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