Is UPS Starting A Trend By Opening Stores in Areas Where Post Offices Were Closed?

The Postal Service is closing post offices across the nation in an effort to save money. But it seems a trend is starting by UPS Inc to open up stores in places where USPS is shutting down. If UPS opens stores in areas where the Postal Service has shut down–USPS could possibly lose many of the customers it once enjoyed at the closed Post Offices. A reader told that one of their stations will more than likely be closing soon. Recently UPS opened a store that will be closer than the Post Offices that USPS will recommend customers to take their business. UPS even provided donuts to the postal window clerks working at the station pending closure. UPS is so happy about USPS possibly closing this station they are celebrating in advance. On another note it would be interesting to see USPS revenue reports in cities where Post Offices closed with UPS OR Fedex nearby.

Take a look at a this story from the Oregon Daily Herald about UPS opening store in Oregon..

UPS Inc. fills role of outgoing Postal Service in EMU
The Postal Service officially made the decision to consolidate its Eugene offices on Jan. 14, after a closure announcement made last October followed by an unsuccessful appeals process. Students in the ASUO and International Student Association protested the decision to no avail, and the EMU post office shut down.

The new business will take up the space formerly occupied by the Postal Service, but the senator said the UPS Store would refurbish the current office to fit its needs and use the existing mailboxes.

“Their main goal is to provide services as soon as possible so they’re going to try to move in ASAP and keep the move-in period short,” Lange said.

Postal Service media spokesperson Ronald Anderson said the public postal service had no comment on the new private courier.