Congressman Ross Talks Postal Solvency & Bailouts On Fox News

 Rep. Dennis Ross, (R-Fla.), on what steps need to be taken to tackle the U.S. Postal Service’s growing debt crisis.
One of Ross’ comments deals with the exaggerated claim that postal workers pay as little as $32 per month for health care benefits compared to other Federal Workers paying $125.  Rep. Ross was on Fox News saying Postal Workers pay on the average $32 per month for Health Care compared to $125 for other Federal workers. Postal Workers pay 20% of their health premiums, Federal workers pay 28%.– a 8% difference. Is this the kind of  “new math” that will get USPS on the road to financial recovery? On a different note, postal pundits don’t factor in that the dental, eye care premiums are not subsidized by the Govt. as in the case of the private sector. The private sector also is covered by disability insurance whereas Postal Workers must seek private disability insurance or use personal leave.  I have not read ONE article which correctly outlines Postal Employee benefits… not one!

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24 thoughts on “Congressman Ross Talks Postal Solvency & Bailouts On Fox News

  1. Why do these idiots speak before they even get their facts right. I would love to pay only $32 a month. My question for him is how much does he pay for his heatlh care plus his other little perks..

  2. This guy is a flake. 32 dollars a month. I want a refund. I don’t pay anywhere close to 32.00 a month. Obviously he is never at work and makes up these figures.

  3. I am a clerk and pay $148.70 every other Friday for health insurance,$ 80.37 Soc Sec, and $27.17 Medicare, $57.70 for flexible spending card to help on all the Medicine that I am on. Who can retire? You drop to about half pay when you retire, How can you live on that small amount? When gas is at $3.45 a gal now and going up $.10 at a time every day or so. Congress is the problem with everything that is wrong in this Country. They are the ones over paid, of course if we could vote us a pay raise like Congress does for theirselves then maybe we could retire. Congress can retire after 6 years and we have to work 30 plus just to get half pay. What does Congress get in retirement? Get the price of gas down, get us out of Bush’s war, help the people of this Country instead of making your self rich.

  4. Dennis Ross needs to stop licking the windows on the short bus. What an idiot! This fool has no idea what he’s talking about. Has he actually verified his information? S%^t I don’t know of any co-workers paying an average of 32.00 per month.

  5. Plain and Simple Ross is an idiot . If you are in his district and do not step up to vote him out shame on you !!!! Its people like him that are dragging the Country Down. They Talk just to hear themselves, without any truth behind their statements !!

  6. F**k all these useless teabag idiots. They just spew their sh*t that’s all aimed at transferring what’s left of the middle class’s wealth to people like the Koch brothers.

  7. I as well pay nearly $150 per month for health care. Maybe the average comes when they factor in top management who don’t pay a single dime.
    Congress doesn’t pay a single dime ,has to put in 6 short years before they get a retirement check [have their own private retirement not Social Security like the rest of us] and they want fellow American’s to work till they turn 70. Go figure

  8. Really, most of my employees pay anywhere from $140 – $300 per month, and they are not even retired which the premiums go way up. Where is this yahoo getting his facts. I am a tried and true Republican but I cant stand listening to this idiot put statement after statement out and none of it is even true. I pay $150/month into health care premiums, not to mention another $62 for eye and dental. I think only those who pay into these systems should have a say on how much others are paying into it. (NOT CONGRESS)

  9. tried to email Congressman Ross the facts, what is interesting you can’t email him unless you live in his district, or whatever world he lives in! Have to write him a letter instead, good for our business!

  10. had to switch to the lower blue cross blue shield plan this year, still $75 every two weeks, then added seperate Dental and vision, adds up to about $150 every two weeks, average about $325 month

  11. retiree of the PO pays more and their pension shrink each and every year when health care doubles and triples.

  12. Wow! Does anyone know the truth about anything that relates to the Post Office?!! I would love to only pay $32.00 per month for my insurance. Right now I pay $148.70 (health), $48.37 (dental), & $9.11 (vision) every two weeks. That’s a total of $412.36 EVERY MONTH! If this is as smart as the newbies come, we’re in deep sh*t!

  13. Hey Ross, by the way, your an ashole. I pay $160.00 a month for health benefits with the post office and that is without any dependents. Go get your story straight before you decide to start ranting and bitching about postal workers. You have no appreciation or idea what we do on a daily basis. Quite honestly without the postal workers hustling their asses day in and day out, this country wouldn’t have a mail system. It starts and ends with us you Fuckin idiot.

  14. This is not rocket science. Cut the ratio of bosses, supervisors, managers, 204bs to employees. Cut the supervisors/managers/204bs who make the most money and do the least amount of work and not the craft that make the least money and do the most work! Perhaps then the USPS will become solvent again.

  15. I started with the dept. of defence 29 yrs. ago. Came over to the postal service as a carrier. I took a hit in pay and benefits idiot!!! All you have to do is look at the OPM yearly INS worksheet to see the truth. Instesd of spewing vial B S take time to get it right!

  16. I’m a retired city carrier. I pay $653.00 a month for health care. Back in 1979 I was paying $65.00 a month. Our politicians aren’t in the real world. It’s time for them to get their facts straight. I Think the average federal worker makes a heck of a lot more than a postal employee per year.

  17. i pay $196.00 per paycheck and thats for me and my wife. i have no dental or eye care plan. i pay extra for that when it’s necessary.

  18. $32 a month? Who pays that? I pay $322 /month just for health insurance plus an additional $139 /month for dental/vision. That equals $461 !!!!
    I guess he’s using Bush’s FUZZY math to make his calculations.

  19. you wont read one article that correctly depicts the postal workers health benefits either. they want to twist it so as to sway the public to their side. and the statistics they throw out are the same. bullshit.. stats show a lot but they dont show all. what the hell do they think is gonna happen with all the cuts in jobs. not only is there more ot there is more delayed mail. mail that sits and sits cause there is no manpower to get it out. clerk craft ravaged. so there are no clerks availabe to get mail to carriers. carriers pivoting every day. up to 6 or 7 routes on any given day in an office of 18 carriers. thats a third of the office being pivoted. so yes people will get their mail at 8pm. including businesses.. but dont miss a fucking scan.. its dark. your overworked, your not familiar with the route, its icy, snow covered…. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out.. dont make more of this policital rhetoric (bullshit) than it is..

    give us our overpayments back to the tune of about 70 billion
    stop cutting jobs and staff the routes properly
    stop cutting clerk jobs and offer MORE service to the public instead of offering fucking ready post xmas boxes that in left in my office from 2 xmases ago since noone wants them.
    lower the ratio of managers/supv to employees not by cutting the ones who actually do the work but cut the bosses
    computers were supposed to make supv jobs easier and faster all it did was add more jobs.

  20. Rep. Dennis Ross, (R-Fla.) is just another of the crypto communist leveling Republicans who think the working class must level down to the least common denominator in wages and benefits while the elites in business and finance get to grab more and more pay despite driving down their companies and the finances of the country and the world in a continuing spiral.
    This shameless bifurcation of viewpoint is inevitably going to lead to the same kind of social disruption we are seeing right now in various parts of the middle east and the rest of the world.
    Continue Rossa et al and reap the whirlwind for your country.

  21. FOX aready had the script written for him, he was just reading it on the tele-prompter— Like the alway do!! (Ross was just trying out for NEW’T job at Fox)

  22. Hey Ross… u know ur way around the capitol yet? Cause u sure don’t know your facts……find out before u open ur freshman mouth and make fool of yourself….postal workers do not get dental and vison unless they pay extra…and the bi weekly premiuns are much higher…a retiree pays $357.00 per month for selfl and family….YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING…HOW ABOUT CONGRESS PAY INTO SOC.SEC. AND HEALTH AND PENSION LIKE EVERYONE ELSE…SOLVE THE MONEY PROBLEMS STARTING WITH THE TOP….\

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