USPS Considers Consolidation of Ashland, Kentucky Postal Jobs to Charleston

On Thursday, the USPS held a public meeting in Ashland, Kentucky, where dozens of postal workers and community members attended to voice their concerns.

David Daniel is the President of the KYOWVA Area Local Postal Workers Union believes the move is a bad decision. Daniel says that it will have a negative impact on the Ashland area and the Charleston Postal Facility will not be able to handle the volume of mail. “Probably two and a half million dollars of jobs will be lost and 15 or 20 million dollars in lost revenue for the area,” Daniel says.

District Manager for Kentuckiana District Jim Kiser, says the postal service is facing an economic downturn like the rest of the country. Kiser says there is under-utilized equipment and automation that is operating at less than capacity. “We have the prudent business move to look at ways to consolidate and increase efficiency,” Kiser includes. He says that community input is important in the final decision and will they continue to keep customer service high. fullstoryWOWK-TV

2 thoughts on “USPS Considers Consolidation of Ashland, Kentucky Postal Jobs to Charleston

  1. Just a few words about the APWU LEADERS AND THE USPS.
    They are all corrupt and self serving. Mr. Daniels needs not worry about ashland, he got himself a cozy ABA position in New Hampshire when he sold out the Huntington employees as a result of the AMP. Many of the employees wont be working in Charleston as earlier suspected. Thanks Mr Gallagher and Mr Daniels Fine Job!
    Mr. Daniels used the same propanganda attempts against the Appalachian District trying to rally local communities. Huntington had about 200 people show up. then he claimed he sent 10,000 letters to the USPS. The results of the Public Meeting was published and only a couple hundred letters were recieved.

    Mr. Daniels is a LIAR, to the community and his union “brothers and sisters” who he claims to represent. In reality hes a wolf in sheeps clothing. He and the APWU regional leaders have sacrificed the workers in Huntington. He ran for the National Presidency back in 86′ and lost, instead of seeking donations, he manipulated his local into shoring up his monthly salary in the constitution. This lug nut gets 40 hours of level 5 step 0 every month in addition to his regular salary for 9-2 hour meetings that equates to $660.00 per hour plus getting all his expenses paid whenever he takes trips to Las Vegas for “Union Buisness”.

    If they come to your area as representatives… be sure to get proof of what they claim otherwise your getting political rhetoric.

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