Postal Service’s Flat Sequencing System won’t need breaks

The U.S. Postal Service’s new mail-sorting machine is about the size of 14 double-decker buses —- and it’s fast.

It can do the job of 26 humans working at full-bore. Unlike its fleshy counterparts, it will work nonstop 17-hour shifts and won’t ever get paper cuts or carpal tunnel syndrome.

It’s part of a $1.5 billion investment expected to shave hours off the processing time for millions of pieces of mail every day and save the financially ailing Postal Service billions of dollars. And it’s coming to San Diego County in May.

The machine is called the Flats Sequencing System. It sorts flats, a type of mail that includes magazines, advertisements, newspapers, manila envelopes and the like.

full story: North County (CA) Times

11 thoughts on “Postal Service’s Flat Sequencing System won’t need breaks

  1. We can see where fake “potter” is coming from. Everything wrong is from the evil unions. Always bad for average people to associate to have some say. Typical anti-union commie.

  2. Way to go management, put as much mail as you can in that big, fast machine and then give it to the already broke down carriers! Now, if you can just get a huge robot to deliver this massive amount of flats that you are able to generate you can completely eliminate the need for humans. Way to go.

  3. why dont both management and labor work on a joint emplyee involvement process ? instead of head butting, we used to have a process but it got thrown out with the babys bath water.i would like to see a process to insure the united states postal service survives for the generations coming behind , its noy just the postal service but our country in general that needs some real leaders in our american industries to insure a livable future for our children and grandchildren,PLEASE WAKE UP the turmoil within our post office will surely detroy any we respect we might have left, i have experienced ignorance on both sides,i am near retirement but someone before me did their job right to make sure i had a decent position so i will try to do anything in my power to try to repay that dept for the younger generations I HOPE REASONABLE PEOPLE FROM BOTH SIDES WILL DO THE SAME, shame on you if you dont and just care about yourself .

  4. I bet some of the union members are sabotaging the equipment just to keep it from working properly knowing that their jobs are being eliminated

  5. Our Spbs are pieces of crap too. Maintenence are all lazy and busy with internet porn. And no one gives a f**k about any of it anyway. I know I don’t!

  6. Weren’t these machines supposed to go on-line back in 2007? I heard that management had to fire all the postal maintenance people working on the project because they couldn’t get the programming right. Management is now projecting that the machines will be operable by the end of July. Maybe!

    A billion here, a billion there, and it starts to add up to be a lot of money. It might be cheaper just to have the clerks sort the mail.

  7. If your SPBS breaks down every other day, either your Maintenance Department stinks or Ops is not letting them have the machine for enough PM. Both of our SPBS run constantly with few issues.

  8. and it won[‘t need five supervisors either and no MDO’S no 204b’s perhaps even no postmasters. when management makes jokes about employees like this you are to dumb to realize what does the post office doesn’t needed you either.

  9. It won’t need breaks, but if it’s like our two spbs machines, it will need a staff of 12 mechanics for when it breaks down every other day.

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